How to wrap the most awkward shaped presents for a food lover


Let’s face it, sometimes you do look at the perfect gift for someone but then just leave it there because of 1 thought: it’ll be a bugger to wrap. So, just so you don’t have to rule anything out, then I’ve raided the web for the best guides for wrapping the most difficult of shapes, and a few just odd ones.


1. Wrapping a bottle

wine bottles wrap from Spoon Fork Bacon on Vimeo.

This is a useful skill all year round, and this makes it look simple and pretty. You can adapt this to any size of bottle I guess, and certainly a step up from my usual attempts! It’s also something a bit different to a bottle bag, although they are always my favourite standby, as bottles of all kinds of things make great gifts.

2. Wrapping a mug


How to wrap a mug


I love this idea, of wrapping a mug in fabric to create a festive pineapple (pinned from the Oh Joy! blog). I think you might be able to do this with a tea towel, so giving two presents in one. I’m really fond of both mugs and tea towels as gifts, given the huge choice which allows you to really personalise the gift.


3. Wrapping a book


I love to give cookbooks or good food writing, and I always think I’ve got wrapping books down to a fine art, as they are a simple enough shape. So this video will help take your book wrapping up a level or two.


4. Wrapping a saucepan


Wrapping a frying pan


I love this, which dates from 1963. Maybe it’s an era when gifts were more practical, but I think it would be a great way to wrap a frying pan even today.


5. Wrapping a hamper



Helpful if you are making a hamper of your own so it’s a very personalised gift, but doesn’t need to look any less professional.

Other than this, my answe is always get a box, and some tissue paper, and then wrap the easy shape. And maybe don’t stress about it. All that really matters is what’s inside the gift and the thought you put into it. A well thought out gift badly wrapped is worth a thousand times its opposite number!


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