When recipes fail


I love playing with new recipes, and am lucky to be sent some fantastic books to review. I recently really enjoyed testing recipes from Fitness Gourmet, which were delicious and allegedly healthy (jury’s  out on the bacon maple syrup popcorn though on that front).

So with a lazy Sunday stretching ahead of us MFL was inspired to try the coconut pancakes with papaya confit and macadamia nut butter.

Sounds like bliss on a plate to me.

An hour and a half later, it was less bliss on a plate and more Hell’s Kitchen. Given that this healthy eating is part of his marathon prep, he did say he could have practically run the half in the same time.

To be fair, the papaya and nut butter were both delicious, but the pancakes were a disaster. These are coconut flour based, and sucked up every last drop of moisture to make a leaden lump. Even extra coconut milk really didn’t seem to help. We manfully managed to fry half a dozen, and we managed to eat half of them.


Coconut slop


God, they were awful, and there was a whole load of ingredients, including 6 eggs and coconut flour, gone to waste.

When I googled coconut flour pancakes and compared the quantities then these were well out on the general ratios of flour to liquid to eggs. Coconut flour is renowned for its ability to soak up moisture, and it needs the eggs in order to get the fluffiness.

I guess it’s difficult to know when recipes won’t work. I mean the River Cafe Cookbook had the infamous chocolate nemesis which rarely seemed to work, so even the best can get it not quite right. But that doesn’t stop it being darned annoying when something doesn’t work.

Particularly after an hour and a half in the kitchen.

I think for me I may just double check things in the future if there’s coconut flour involved, or anything else slightly unusual, and from a lesser known author. That, or stick to Good Housekeeping triple checked recipes.


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