When fitness becomes gourmet


I definitely don’t count as one of life’s athletes. Let’s face it, the furthest I’ve run in recent years is 100m. To be fair, it was in the Olympic stadium in 2012, but that’s a whole other story!

Fitness Gourmet


So I’m not necessarily a natural to review a book called Fitness Gourmet, but I’m at least half qualified based on that title. And given that this book covers healthy eating whether you are looking to get fitter/weigh less, maintain what you’ve got or build up to a big race, then there probably is something for everyone.

That said, MFL is the fitness one in my life, so between us we cover both halves of this, though with the added challenge of our respective kids to feed too. Sounded like a good challenge to put the book through!

We tried two dishes, with pesto and creme fraiche chicken being the first as a good first course. Now when you see a pile of veg this bright and varied as a result of the prep, you know it’s got to be good for you!


A rainbow of veg

Even the addition of some creme fraiche at the end didn’t stop me feeling that way, and generally this went down really well, although the kids weren’t keen on the sweet potato. But part of the premise of the book is that it gives you different options given your “fitness” target, and for those on the “burn” option these would have got swapped for carrots anyway. If you’re into a “build” phase, or feeding teenagers, then there was the option to add pasta.


Ready to go


I liked this book, and think I’d cook from this again, for all kinds of things. But possibly for our second recipe, which was bacon maple syrup popcorn. I don’t care what phase I have to be in, this was delicious. So delicious we hid it from the kids. And ate it!

Bacon Maple Syrup Popcorn


This book is currently £20 on Waterstones, or direct from the publisher, Jacqui Small, for the same price including P&P with code APG307, for UK residents only. Definitely keeping it on my shelves!


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