What will you swap this British Food Fortnight?

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I know it might sound like I’m getting my food fortnights mixed up, but the same question asked of us for Fairtrade items should surely be asked of our choices where there are great British producers available for us to support.

I mean, I am definitely coming round to rapeseed oil, as my alternative to olive oil, with Chiltern Cold Pressed being the one to finally change my mind, and my habits. I am particularly fond of their smoked version, and the one with lemon will be in the store cupboard fairly soon. And now meaty snacks of a South African ilk can be enjoyed without the guilt over food miles by choosing Isle of Wight biltong, which has the cleverest logo I’ve seen in a long time!

I was fascinated that there was now another proper chocolate maker in the UK, Duffy Sheardown, whose story is probably even more extraordinary than Willie Harcourt Cooze’s! Of course the cocoa isn’t grown in Lincolnshire, but the roasting and processing is done up in Lincolnshire, and then used in their own artisanal chocolates, as well as by people like Paul A.Young.

You can even switch more of your wine consumption now, as the quality continues to improve year on year. Chapel Down’s sparkling winecontinues to win awards over its more traditional competitors, and would certainly be my choice to toast the huge diversity, and increasing quality, of British production across many different food and drink sectors. So go on, make a choice this fortnight and make a change for the good of British food and drink!


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