What will you eat your cheese on?


You might know we are in British Cheese Week at the moment, and there’s been lots written about those cheeses that won at the British Cheese Awards. But great cheese deserves to be served on top of something great, and these are what I’d choose:

Peter's Yard Crispbreads - my very favourite thing to have cheese on


* I have to hide these whenever they are in the house. I love Peter’s Yard crispbreads, and so it seems does MGG. From the little mini ones, to the big frisbee ones, I haven’t found a cheese yet that I don’t like better on these. For home I just buy the basic packaging, but I love to give the big ones in their lovely tin as a gift. Buy direct from Peter’s Yard, from good delis around the country, or try Selfridges.


Cracotti for Cheese


* I am also very partial to the Cracotti from the Cracking Good Food Company. Hard for me to choose between the flavours, but if push came to shove then it would be the Cranberry and Hazelnut, with a nice creamy goats cheese on the side.


Walnut Wafers from Fortnum & Mason


* If I’m taking gifts to lovely friends in the US, then I tend to have a trip to Fortnums. Which is how I probably got a taste for their Walnut Wafers. I like these with some good Wensleydale, MGG would have hers with some Colston Basset Stilton.

So, get out and support great British cheeses with some great crackers. You’d be nuts not too!


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  1. Peter’s Yard rye crispbreads, especially the littlest ones are my faves. Really crunchy, and delicious with all cheeses, as they are savoury without being an additional flavour.

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