What will 2015 hold for us?


Forward Momentum


Hard to believe that another year has passed and here we are in 2015 already. It most definitely feels like it will be a year of change, what with elections on both side of the Atlantic which will cause ripples of all sorts.

For me personally, 2014 was a year about consolidation and establishing a base, the right footings. And that felt good and right, and a good basis for 2015, which I am making the year of forward momentum.

I’m hoping that lots of things that started in 2014 will really continue to move forward. There have definitely been shifts in the way we shop for food, and it feels like finally the grip of the big four is slackening slightly and people are beginning to make different choices. Let’s hope that does continue.

I wish you whatever you wish for yourself in the year ahead.

Photo by Thanh Mai Bui Duy on Flickr


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Collector of great gifts and fabulous food, mum, cake baker & eater, wine opener. I write about food and the gift of it in its many forms.

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