What kit could your kitchen do without?


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I thought this was a great post over on the Becoming Minimalist blog, about what a kitchen could do without.

Now, quite a lot of these I could agree with. I mean, I didn’t even know you could get a grilled cheese maker, and in my house an egg scrambler is a pan and a wooden spoon! Likewise a rice maker, and a doughnut pan is just beyond frivolous. Though I have owned a waffle maker in the past, but no longer. Pointless.

But there are some things I would take exception to. Like a crock pot. I love my slow cooker and use it regularly. Not just in the winter, and not just for stews, I love being free to go off and do something else all day and have a good meal waiting. I’ve used it for rice pudding, for jam, for pickle and for porridge ready for the morning. It’s staying.

I don’t have a KitchenAid (I’m still waiting for the lottery win) but I do have a Kenwood Chef, and wouldn’t be without it. But then I do a lot of baking, and by having Ken, then I often bake on the spur of the moment because it makes it so much quicker. And I watched MFL make sausages with Ken the other week, which amazed me. Who knew?

So, it’s a bit mixed from me on this. What would you definitely keep in  your kitchen, and what can you well imagine doing without?


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6 thoughts on “What kit could your kitchen do without?”

  1. I’m another Kenwood Chef fan, although since I discovered cakes made with olive oil it rarely gets used. Most used here is the good old sandwich toaster – though I think that may be leaving for university in September!

  2. I’ve only made one cake with olive oil, but did love it. Guess Ken would still get used for pastry and bread, not to mention seeing it make sausages opens up new possibilities. I think you’re right about the sandwich toaster though, probably time to start planning a replacement!

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    Lynne says:

    My Ken Major certainly. And my Cuisinart food processor, which is stronger than the attachment for the Ken. Slow cooker gets a tick, and also my pressure cooker. And the microwave, if only for defrosting and melting stuff. Otherwise… I keep thinking I would like a pasta maker though…

  4. Never sure about a pasta maker, given tend to be eating gluten free! MFL now has a combined pressure and slow cooker, so some interesting testing to come!

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    Lynne says:

    oh! combined pressure and slow! that sounds like a rather expensive bit of kit!

  6. Was about £40, trials, and no doubt a post, ahead.

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