What I’d like to be taking to China


Selected by Neals Yard to reflect some of the best in British Cheese


I’m off on a trip for the day job to China, which I’m really looking forward to. Love Chinese food and hoping to get some time out to try and get to eat some.

But there does come a point in a trip where I do suddenly crave a taste of home. On a trip to Japan, even though I’d been living on the most amazing sushi most of the week, I had a very memorable meal of chicken pie and chips washed down with half a pint of Guinness. And it was delicious.

So I do always tend to pack some tastes of home. But the one thing that is difficult to carry, but something I always end up wanting, is proper British cheese. I crave a proper piece of a decent Cheddar. If I could have it in a sandwich with some Branston I’d be even happier. Or a piece of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester with some crackers and butter.

I don’t think that the Chinese have a particularly long or big tradition of cheese making, so not sure there’ll be loads of local cheese tempting me. So if you fancy sending me an emergency parcel then let me know! Any of the great boxes from Pong would probably do the trick, thanks! And if you hear news of any unpleasantness at Shanghai airport involving impounding cheese…well, temptation is a strong thing!


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2 thoughts on “What I’d like to be taking to China”

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    Jules says:

    I sent my dad one of thos Pong boxes for Father’s Day and he said the smell was incredible!
    I adore Sparkenhoe.

  2. Loving Sparkenhoe, good to support a good local cheese that’s not Stilton! Good news that Pong do live up to billing!

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