What I hope retailers will be bringing to shops near us soon


The Spring Fair finished at the NEC today, which is the UK’s largest trade fair covering gifts of all kind. MGG and I went on the opening day, as it’s definitely a great place for foodie gift hunting. We walked over 6 miles that day, always with an eye on the awards we were going to hand out. So here goes:


The Deceptively Simple Why Didn’t Anyone Do That Before Award


Magicup Non Spill Coffee Cups - fantastic idea


This award goes to Magicup, for your on the go hot drink needs. No need to find a spout, there’s 360° drinking. No losing out on the aroma of great coffee, as the opening is always open. Except when it’s not, which is immediately if it’s knocked over. I think it’s brilliant, it’s also made and manufactured in the UK.


The Simply Beautiful but Completely Functional Design Award


Retap Glass Bottles for water

We’re giving this award to the Danish company, Retap for their beautiful water bottles. I’d featured some glass water bottles just Christmas, but I think these are even nicer. Beautifully ergonomic to hold, enlivened by funky coloured lids. Made from borosilicate glass, these are highly unlikely to break, won’t contaminate the taste of the water and can go in the dishwasher. Love them, definitely going to have a few here. Currently available through Reusablebottle.co.uk and hopefully through more physical shops soon.


The One That’ll Be On Many Father’s Day Wish Lists Award


Star Wars Death Star BBQ


Yes, it’s a Death Star BBQ. Enough said. There were groups of grown men cooing over it each time we passed by. Definitely got success written over it. Available for pre-order now, delivery in time for Father’s Day.


The One That’s Got Its Blogger Outreach Sussed Award


Any Sharp Knife Sharpener - apparently the best in the world


This one made me laugh. I’m giving this award to the AnySharp knife sharpener, which is apparently the world’s best knife sharpener. Never heard of them before, spent some time looking at them at the show, got home to find a review from Emily Leary over on A Mummy Too. Got a thumbs up from her, I loved its compact design, but it sounds like it’s effective too.


The Making Something More Fun and Glam Than You Thought It Could Be


Boska Having Fun with Cheese


I love cheese, always useful when you live in Stilton country. But I still think cheese has quite a staid image. But not so for these award winners, the Dutch company, Boska. All their imagery shows people having a riot whilst enjoying cheese, and they have cheese gadgets you never, ever imagined. About as far from a traditional cheese and wine party as you can get. I mean, Raclette to go? Why not? Love this idea.


The Nowhere Near My Kitchen Award

Of course with a show of this size, there’s always going to be things you don’t like. I never expected it to be a whole stand. But this award goes to Charles Viancin. There is no room for any of this in my kithen, most definitely not my kind of thing.


I hope the exhibitors had a good show, and have come away with plenty of orders. My first marketing job saw me standing their side of the stands, so I know a bit about what they’ve been through. Sure they are very footsore by now, and desperate to see some natural daylight! I’ll be writing about more of my finds over weeks ahead, but these would be the things, mainly, that I’d hope to be seeing more of.


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