What food do you take away with you?

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We’re getting ready to go away for Easter, and my housesitting aunt and uncle are on the way here (they do come at times when we are at home too). As you may have got the hang of, there is quite a lot of food in this house, perishable and otherwise, but they always arrive with some stuff of their own. Likewise, there’s always something tucked away in my suitcase.

Surely not just us? Here’s what’s often going with my family:

1. Marmite. It’s most definitely not for me, it’s double wrapped in asbestos, but it keeps MGG happy to still be able to have toast and Marmite. Personally, I’d be happy to leave it somewhere far flung.

2. Yorkshire tea. How terribly boring and British, but it’s a great first thing cuppa. But only first thing.

3. Earl Grey tea. I used to take Twinings but I see the error of my ways and will be ordering in a box of Bellevue Tea’s Earl Grey before our annual decamp to France over the summer. For a week in Majorca, I think I can survive.

4. Tiptree jam. Particularly Little Scarlet. It arrives here with the housesitters. I am not sure whether or not it means my homemade jam is not up to scratch, but they never seem to leave any of it behind either!

5. Dorset Cereals. Because (wheat free) woman cannot live by croissants alone. And Tasty, Toasted Spelt is delicious anyway, but good for the mildly wheat intolerant like me. I also have a growing fancy for the Marmalade Granola, which doubles as a good choice for MGG. Stops me having to buy a Kelloggs’ Variety Pack!

6. Chocolate. Particularly if I’m travelling for work, when I can always guarantee there is a sneaky pack of Kit Kat Chunky bars or possibly even Dairy Milk make their way onboard with me at Duty Free. Truly comfort food to lift a flagging heart and mind when stuck away from home.

Funny, they’re mainly about breakfast. Maybe we get adventurous after that, but creatures of habit at dawn. Is it just us? What goes in your suitcase?

Great photo of a typical British food section somewhere overseas by Frankie Roberto.

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2 thoughts on “What food do you take away with you?”

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    Claire says:

    Maybe it’s because fresh fruit and veg/yogurt/chocolate bars are generally easier to come by but my daily dietary crutches definitely seem to be the condiments. First thoughts were to secure a stash of XO Marmite, my honey (cannot trust people to keep honey in these days. Sure it was more of a staple years ago) and a tub of unhulled tahini (Al-Arz, if you please). Tahini is a priority as I don’t go a day without it, so I’d safeguard that or all is lost. (Is. Not would be. Nothing theoretical about it!)
    Coffee beans, grinder and aeropress have long been a routine park of my luggage if staying with family.

    It’s quite odd, really. None of my family besides myself needs to take any such things so I can feel rather silly and strange doing so. Yet without these tastes if home, I for one would be quite, quite bereft.
    Probably lucky I rarely stay anywhere.

  2. Love your list! I can remember packing up the espresso machine for one trip away, maybe an aeropress would be good for future trips! Although honey is one of those things that I always try and buy locally, just for something that is truly local and different to my local honey here.

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