We all scream for ice cream


Another glorious day, more temperature records broken…even more need than ever for great ice cream! Now you could pop out to the corner shop for a Fab or a Strawberry Mivvi, but the true foodie is not going to be happy with that! Unless your local stocks something fab like Minghella’s, or Roskilly’s for the Coconut Ice Cream.


Be cool with great taste! The Gaggia ice cream maker with built in freezer compartment


So I would suggest if they are an ice cream aficionado, then it’s time they started making their own. I’m reliably informed by an ice cream addict that the Gaggia is the Rolls Royce of ice cream makers. It’s fantastic in that as long as you have bench space, it stays out ready to go all the time. With others, you have to know in advance you’re going to want to make it, or wait until the bowl has frozen.

Or if you want a bit of interactive fun with a tasty end result, then how about the ice cream ball? You put everything in, play a bit of footie with it and hey presto, ice cream! Got to be one of the most fun ways of making dessert!

For ice cream inspiration, then check out the Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book, for chunky, flavoursome ice creams or perhaps The Ultimate Ice Cream Book for equally flavoursome but slightly more sophisticated offerings.  And if you’re just going to dish up vanilla, then you’ll need to make a great sundae or knickerbocker glory! So pick up some hundreds and thousands whilst you’re down the shop!


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