Want to share in Leicester’s glory?


Leicester City - come share in the glory


Well, you’ll be needing to eat whilst you’re visiting! Not to mention a drink or two. I’m very fond of Leicester, and often shop and eat there instead of Nottingham, as live between the two.

If you’re coming to soak up the atmosphere of the Foxes’ triumph, then these are the places I’d be stopping by to keep you going, when the adrenaline runs low:


St Martin's: my favourite stopping off point for coffee and tea in Leicester


Start with really good tea or coffee at St Martin’s, with their incredible choices of teas and expertly made coffees. Not to mention great cakes, and very decent breakfasts, like breakfast tacos and avocado on sourdough toast. I know, it’s almost like still being in London (eye-rolling from those of us who’ve known food exists outside of London for years). In fact if you’re there at the end of the week, you could arrive at breakfast and not move out until after dinner as they now serve great burgers and more in an evening.


Leicester Market for all kinds of goodies


I’d take a wander from there down to the central market, which is my favourite locally. Brilliant selection of fruit and veg, reflecting the fact that Leicester was the first city in the UK with no one ethnic majority, so a huge variety of things to choose from. Usually stock up on chillies and herbs here, the temptation is always to buy too much as prices and variety are so good.

Of course Leicester was famous for its Indian culture, and there are certainly a great many choices from across India on the eating front. I’m still very fond of Bobby’s for Gujarati vegetarian food, and also Kayal for exploring the flavours of Kerala. Fantastic dosas, always on my order.

Not for food, but I’m very fond of Curve in Leicester, for all kinds of theatre, and all kinds of reasons. I’ve been tweeting them to say I hope they’ve got a play in development about this Leicester season, a homegrown success story should be celebrated in the city’s theatre too.


45 West Bottle Shop & Bar - not just gin, but definitely has great gin


So, you’ll be needing a good drink to round things off. Only one place for me: 45 West Bottle Shop and Bar, from the team behind Burleighs Gin and 45 Gin School. Great cocktail list, great atmosphere…maybe not much football being shown but great way to toast a great win for the Foxes. I can’t spot a cocktail for the win yet, but there is a Martinez on the menu (which I believe, from my very limited knowledge, may have an unintentional footballing connection).

Leicester may not usually make it onto your plans of places to visit



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