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If you follow me on Twitter, you may know I spent Monday fighting a big moth infestation in the pantry (not an euphemism!) which led to the sad throwing away of a lot of flour, sugar, dried fruit…I could have cried. It’s not as though I only have a bag of self raising and a bag of plain in there, but I think that there will be a lot more things being kept in containers.

I already have quite a lot of stuff kept in kilner type jars, and also a couple of tins from Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage collection, and I think there’s going to be more of those. The Jam Jar Shop are always a great source, and they stock Le Parfait jars in every sort of size. Postage is not the cheapest (come on, it’s glass, it’s heavy) but you can always go and collect from them.

Of course can’t go wrong with Lakeland, who have all kinds of storage options. I have quite a lot of the Clip and Store boxes, which I use for things like pulses (which it turns out these moths can also like). The new Oxo Good Grips Fliplock containers are really lovely looking as well, so good for stuff that can stay out on the counter.

My mum reminded me that ever since she lived in Saudi she’s been keeping her flour in the freezer, as the flour moths were a big problem there. And my uncle in Australia said they recommend fresh bay leaves in the pantry. Not many of those to hand at the moment, but I could definitely see a few branches going in over the year.

Not pleasant, and an expensive lesson to learn! Thanks to Lynne Clark for all the advice and patience, even if tweeting with me made her itch!


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