Trust Boots: Christmas is looking tasty


So, it’s mid September, which means Christmas is appearing in shops all over, on the High Street and online. I’ve written about a few early contenders, so seems only fair to feature what’s going on in Boots.

In case you don’t know, for my day job I work for Boots, but I work on beauty, not food. But you know what? I feel really proud of the new stuff going out this year, and I’ll be adding a few of these to my basket this year. Here’s a few of the early highlights.

* Renowned for quirky and interesting clothes, there’s a great range from Joules in store, that sums up cosy British winter eating. The Perfect Porridge set has two really pretty and sturdy looking bowls and spoons, as well as a packet of oats to get you started (although I’d probably add some Rude Health porridge to the gift as well). The egg and toast set would see you serving up dippy eggs with style, and the Hamper is perfect for those who will be looking forward to an outdoor life again, whatever the weather.

* I’m really rather partial to Gu puddings, especially the small ones that give you just enough of a sweet hit without over-indulging. So, I’m rather keen on the Gu gift range, which goes from £6 to £20. I mean crackers filled with Gu truffles have to be more fun and tasty than a fortune telling fish. I’ve had one or two cake stands this year, but imagine I could find room for the sweet stand, if only for chocolate goodies that go with it.

* Something I’m definitely going to be getting on 3 for 2 as great standby small gifts or stocking fillers are the Sweetshop Take Out Boxes. These look so cute in their Chinese take out style cartons, and with good traditional sweets like licquorice allsorts and chocolate eclairs there’s something that everyone will enjoy. These are £4 a go, or there are some attractive bags at £3.

* Interesting to see a Nando’s range instore. Not sure if this is exclusive to Boots, but I can see there will be chilli lovers who will be happy to get some of these gift sets, if only for the sauces.

* I’m going to have to go in store and buy this pie dish, as I have been lusting after the one sat on a colleague’s desk for months! I think it’s a really good looking pie dish, and it comes with a flour shaker and pastry brush. Great gift for £18, and spot on for the comfort food we’re all going to be craving this winter. There’s also been a really nice cake stand on her desk too, but I’ve already got two this year, so three would be greedy. But you may need one!

So, some really good choices that I can imagine finding on my shopping list, and in my wrapping up pile. All of these are in the famous mix and match 3 for 2, so great value as well. This year I am sure the vast majority of us will be shopping frugally, so every saving we can make is going to be valuable. Keep a look out for the gift guide, which will be some time in October, as all sorts of other things coming. Some of which I’ve worked on 😉 But that would be telling!


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6 thoughts on “Trust Boots: Christmas is looking tasty”

  1. I’m loving the idea of the Gu gift sets . That’s going on my gift list!

  2. Yes, look good to me too. And really should check out the Joules gifts, for some great comfort food essentials!

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    Chloe says:

    hi just wondering what brand or make the pie dish is….

  5. It was a Boots own brand one. Not sure if you can still get it, think it was just for Christmas

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