Time for festive cocktails


I love at cocktail at any time of year, and Christmas definitely is a great time for making a few, whether old classics or modern twists on them. Here’s a few things to inspire, to make the mixing fun and the serving beautiful.


Wild Drinks and Cocktails to really shake things up on the drinks front


I love this book, Wild Drinks and Cocktails, as an inspiration for cocktails that are a bit unusual, and not necessarily all about the alcohol. Something different might be very welcome for the drivers and others not partaking of the hard stuff. Great ideas like switchels, shrubs and tonics, most of which I’d never come across. Some great stories to tell as well as some great tastes.


Malika Grand Cocktail Glasses from LSA


A great cocktail deserves a beautiful glass to be served in. I love these Malika Grand glasses from LSA, stunningly beautiful to look at. How elegant are you going to feel sipping something from these?


Viski Cocktail Shaker



You need to start off well, and what could be better than a fabulous cocktail shaker? The Viski cocktail shaker will definitely be a talking point, and make you really feel the business. If you like your martini the same way as James Bond, then this is the shaker you need.


Make like a star with Cocktails of the Movies


Make like the stars and blend their favourites from their films with Cocktails of the Movies. I mean, everyone knows what Bond drinks (god, we even know what brands now given the over-commercialisation of the films) but these give you the champagne cup of the Grand Budapest Hotel (one of my favourite films of recent times, some fabulous cakes in it too), Marilyn’s Manhattan in Some Like it Hot or even Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist from Groundhog Day. I guess if one of their favourite films is in there, you could get the film and everything for the cocktails for a really personal and memorable gift.


The Best Gin Cocktails You've Ever Made. Apparently.


There may have been one or two mentions this year of how much I like my gin. So gin cocktails feature highly in my request list. If you have a fellow gin lover to buy for then I love this cocktail box, entitled The Best Gin Cocktails You’ve Ever Made. Best to give this one a try, I know I’ve set the bar pretty high, but with Brokers London Gin and some interesting additions like Creme de Violette and Absinthe, then they could be in for a very good night!


Carry on Pocket Cocktail Kit


Perhaps they like cocktails so much they can’t bear to be parted from them? In which case the pocket cocktail set may be just up their street. It’s called a carry on kit, though I imagine these still have to go in your plastic bag through security, but the sizing is ok. And would still cost you less to mix a Moscow Mule or a Gin and Tonic than the average airline wants to charge!

Professional Bartenders Bag

If they’re really serious about their mixology, then how about a professional bartenders bag? All the tools of the trade for them to really look the business, and to be able to mix up just about anything, spirits permitting. They’ll be able to muddle, shake, stir and jig to their heart’s content.


All you really need after that is a good selection of spirits, mixers and some citrus fruit and garnishes, and a good night should be had by all.


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