The worst Christmas gift ever?


Disappointment is out of place at Christmas


Hopefully “you’re all done on the Christmas shopping front, as the countdown is definitely on now. And hopefully you’re really happy with everything you’ve got for your loved ones, and you’ll love everything that you receive.

So come on, lets ‘fess up: what’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received, or indeed given?

I’m going to start with one that I’ve was gifted, which is indelibly ingrained in my memory. It appeared 13 days after giving birth to MGG, and after 4 nights unexpectedly in hospital with her.

So, tired, hormonal, feeling fat and frumpy…so a lovely gesture wouldn’t have gone amiss. My list had been out for months, given I was always having a mid December baby. Happily opening gifts to get to the one from MGG’s dad.

A glitter wig.

A bloody glitter wig.

Not ticking any boxes. Not buying the “I thought you’d find it amusing”. Not buying the “well, I’ve been busy”.

Yeah, not for one moment was that ever going to fly with me.


The Worst Christmas Gift Ever? In my book, yes!


I don’t think it ever got that bad again. Thankfully.

So come on, you can email me anonymous tales that I can update with, or comment below, let’s share some Christmas laughs. What horrors lurk in your past? Or did you gift something horrendous, either knowingly or only now looking back do you think that?

Here’s hoping your gifts and gifting this year show great thought and love. Or at least set you up with some fabulous stories to dine out on.

Great photo by Sarah Horrigan on Flickr.


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