The Saturday Session – guess Who is coming to dinner?



I have ever such a slight obsession with Doctor Who. Which is only slightly driven by a slight obsession with David Tennant. Which means I am on a countdown to Sunday evening when The Waters of Mars airs. Given that it airs at 7pm, it could mean dinner with the Doctor, so just what dishes would you dish up? Here’s my thoughts!

1. In honour of David Tennant’s Scottish roots, then I thought about maybe some good smoked salmon. You could whip up some blinis and get all the accompaniments and have perfect finger food. To be honest though, it’s not really doing it for me. The adrenaline is going to be going mental, it feels like it will need feeding something a little more substantial.I’m thinking of creating a great burger with best Aberdeen Angus mince, something tasty and meaty and satisfying. You can always bite into it when things get tense, rather than biting your fingernails. I’m enjoying Jamie’s burgers and sliders recipe from the new book, try that.

2. It wouldn’t be new Doctor Who without a Welsh contingent. Not only the writing genius of Russell T. Davies but also the fabulous locations in and around Cardiff. It would be kind of appropriate to settle down with a Clark’s pie and a pint of Dark, but outside of Wales fairly hard to track down either. I think I would go for Penarth Estate Pink Sparkling Wine, to toast the genius, and drown my sorrows about the beginning of the end. I might knock up a few Welsh cakes to go alongside it.

3. Surely we should utilise the title as well, and therefore I’ve had a quick look at recipes using Mars bars. Well, I avoided it when I did the Scottish thing, no deep frying going on. Putting Mars bar recipes into Google reveals 119,000 entries, of which for sheer cuteness you have to look at Beccy’s Marvellous Mars Bar Cake. But for something a little less noisy, so as not to break the tension, then I’m going for Mars Bar Cheesecake.

4. And so to the water part. I have to admit that I rather object to the whole bottled water thing, so do the world a favour and get a water filter, or just keep stuff in the fridge. I could be very tempted to mix it with Belvoir’s Raspberry & Rose Cordial, which would give it a nice reddish tinge in honour of the red planet.

So, please don’t ring me after 7pm tomorrow, I will be otherwise occupied! If you’re not sure what you’ll be missing, here’s the trailer. Allons-y!


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