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I love my trips to London, especially when there’s a chance to go and try somewhere new to eat. The only problem that gives me is that there are then some places that I want to go back to again.

And again.

I feel that way about The Modern Pantry. I had a wonderful catch up lunch with the equally wonderful Lisa Eldridge there, and it’s been calling me back ever since. I loved the ambiance, I loved the styling, I loved the company I was with, and I was very much in love with the fig leaf ice cream.


The Modern Pantry


I could have chosen many things off the menu, and am only sorry I’ve not been back since. I loved the clever use of flavours, particularly more unusual flavours, but also very modern and clean flavours, like the fig leaf. So I’m really happy to find that their online shop is now properly up and running, as it will allow you to get some of those flavours into your own pantry, or to make fabulous gifts for other foodies on your gift list.


Modern Pantry Dessert


You could make up your own selection, or choose one of their ready made selections. I love these for the more adventurous cooks amongst us, so for things like the Dessert Selection which gives you liquorice paste, tonka beans and rose petals. I have no idea what I’d do with them but it would be fun to experiment.


Middle Eastern Collection


The Middle Eastern collection provides flavours I’m more familiar with, and love. I mean, what cupboard doesn’t need pomegranate molasses, Persian spice, sumac and rose petals? I feel warmth and sunshine just thinking of those flavours and what I’d do with them.


Canvas bags from The Modern Pantry


And there are the beautiful canvas bags, which would mean you could choose different lovely products and wrap them up in one of these, job done. I think the prices are incredibly reasonable for something this lovely, and a bit different. And if you want to slip in a reservation for afternoon tea, then I don’t imagine that will go down badly either!


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