The Friday Five – So just which is the most popular cookbook?


Very unscientific, but was feeling nosy about what books people ended up looking at on here. Possibly just because I’m nosy, or because it might tell us something about where home cooking is going. Or it may just tell you what kind of person I am, as these are the titles that I must rank more highly for on a search engine. I think there may be some differences between my top 5, and Amazon’s.

So, in classic reverse order, these are the top 5 on my blog for the past 12 months:

Number 5:  Bread: River Cottage Handbook No 3 – just goes to show you can never trust a search engine, as I’ve never actually written about this book, but have written about River Cottage and other books about bread. Turns out this one must be more popular than any of the ones I picked!


Bill's The Cookbook: Cook Eat Smile - great cookbook gift for a food lover


Number 4: Bill’s the Cookbook: Cook, Eat, Smile – I wrote about this one in December last year, and this was one of the books on my list for Santa. Sadly, Santa didn’t get the memo, and none of the five appeared under the tree. Though BFF did read it and I got a couple of the beautiful Penguin books. Still not been to Bill’s either. But obviously lots of people are keen on the style of cooking!


Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard - my favourite baking book ever


Number 3: Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard – same post, same list for Santa, same lack of this on my bookshelf. Every time I see a recipe from it or people raving about things they’ve baked from it then I wonder why it doesn’t live here. Maybe the birthday fairy will take note.

Number 2: Eggs by Michel Roux – this came from a post in October last year, when there was a collision of “weeks” all in one week, giving you the odd combination of National Egg, Curry and Chocolate Weeks all in the same week. This book was my rep for the eggs, and I don’t know whether it’s that people need a lot of inspiration on what to do with eggs, or just about having a little of that Roux magic in the house.

And finally, the very top of the tree in the last year….

The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and other Galactic Recipes


Number 1: The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes – this came from a post I wrote about not taking cookbooks too seriously. Personally, I’d have liked to have seen the Bewitched cookbook at the top, but given I have just come back from the US with Star Wars cookie cutters, then maybe it’s no real surprise!


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