The Friday Five – plenty of good reading and cooking ahead


I’ve suddenly got a stack of great cookbooks to review, which I’m very excited about. There’s a great amount of variety and I almost don’t know where to start. These are the five in the starting blocks:


Reading ahead

Sherry: A Modern Guide to the Wine World’s Best Kept Secret – this has a sense of family history as my dad spent many years working for Harvey’s of Bristol. Lots to go at in this in terms of the history of sherry, the places to buy it from and great cocktails to make with it. Going to be some fun.

Inspiralized – I bought this following on from buying a spiraliser, and hoping for some inspiration to do something more than just courgette noodles. Or carrot.

The Art of Making Gelato – oh my, the flavours in here just sound amazing. Not to mention the stunning photography. Could be some very serious gelato eating going on here this summer.

Crepes and Galettes – I’m definitely bringing buckwheat flour back from France ready to start testing from this one. I cannot believe I have never found Cafe Breizh during all my trips to Saint Malo, but I’m definitely making a bee line next time based on this book.

China Towns: Asian Cooking From Around the World – MGG and I are very fond of our Chinese food, so we’re looking forward to trials from this one. It’s pretty heavy, so looks like we have plenty of choices ahead.

So, lots of fun ahead, full reviews to follow over the summer. Big question is, which one to start with? Any thoughts?


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