The Friday Five – inspired by mothers across the years


Mother’s Day is on the way (18 March, in case you weren’t sure), so today’s choices are books inspired by the cooking of people’s mothers, across the ages, across cuisines.


Cooking with my Indian mother-in-law. Perfect cookbook gift for a food lover looking for a new spin on Indian food


* Cooking with My Indian Mother in Law – lets not leave out the mother in laws, particularly when they can share cooking secrets from an upbringing very different to your own. Here is the story of learning to cook, and also a valuable bonding experience, which is surely what great cooking and eating together is all about.


Mum's favourite recipes - a gift of a cookbook for food lovers with a love of nostalgia


* Mum’s Favourite Recipes – this is a collection of cooking from the homes of celebrated chefs, from the women who probably introduced them to food in the first place. Not sure if it still counts, but when the book was first published, profits went to Breast Cancer Research.


Recipes my mother cooked - a gift of a cookbook for a food lover looking for dishes with heritage


* Recipes My Mother Cooked – according to the subtitle this is 100 home cooked recipes from the nation’s favourite foodies. I was feeling like a bad foodie, as I’d not really heard of the people involved so slightly relieved to find out that these are not the UK’s favourite foodies, but Australia’s. Which would give you a different angle, and some interesting recipes as well, like avocado fool or Mrs Heath’s jam biscuits.


The Hairy Bikers say Mums still know best! Great gift for a food lover of a mum


* Mums Still Know Best: The Hairy Bikers’ Best Loved Recipes – I have both this and the original, and have really enjoyed cooking from them. They are perfect for everyday, family cooking, perfect comfort food with a hint of nostalgia. Corned beef pie anyone?


Recipes from my mother for my daughter - great cookbook to gift to a food lover


* Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter – lovely sentiment, this is a new book out shortly from Lisa Faulkner. Sharing recipes across the generations is a great thing to do, keeping family stories, and tastes, alive. Every generation will have its own spin, but good to know where your recipes have come from.

Of course, the best thing to do for Mum this Mother’s Day might be to ensure she can stay out of the kitchen! That said, I love time in the kitchen baking and cooking in a more relaxed weekend way, so I guess you need to make the best choice for the mum in question!


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