The Friday Five – Getting it on for Valentine’s Day


I’ve already written about my loathing of “special” Valentine’s Day menus, which generally are an affront to most food lovers. I think it makes a great excuse for a night in together, with something really special on the menu. If you think

you might go down that route, then these books are chosen for adding something a little special to your repertoire for the evening.


The New Intercourses: an aphrodisiac cookbook


1. The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook – this one is almost worth it for the stunningly beautiful photography, but there are also fabulous recipes. In addition you’ll get useful tit bits of info on each of the alleged aphrodisiacs. I can’t vouch for this 10 year anniversary version, as I have the original. Lets just say I am still cooking from it though!

2. Shaken: 250 Very Sexy Cocktails – yep, I would imagine most of these would get an evening off with a bang. Possibly best to eat food too, otherwise you’re not going to get through many of these! Sounds like a fun way to get things going.

3. Romantic Cakes – perhaps you want to create a memorable dessert to finish off the meal, and a beautiful cake would certainly tick the right boxes. Very hearts and flowers, pretty, beautiful and romantic, and also could be incredibly tasty. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love cake, and this book has some truly beautiful cakes to recreate.


Seriously Naughty Cakes


4. Seriously Naughty Cakes– if you want cake, but not the slushy hearts and flowers stuff, then this is the book for you. From Saucy Stockings to the Roly Poly Strip O’Gram, this is not your average cake decorating book! A creation from this will certainly raise at least a smile.

5. The Cookbook of Everlasting Love: Sex On A Plate or Food As Foreplay – jeez, I’ve no idea if this is any good, but can you imagine nosy people’s faces when they’re browsing through your book shelves and come across this one? Go on, it’s worth it just for that alone.

So, you could create your own naff Valentine’s menu, or create something wonderful and romantic. Either way, it should be memorable, and hopefully very tasty! Enjoy!


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