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I haven’t written a Friday Five based around Valentine’s Day for five years, so probably a good time to revisit cook books for lovers. I was interested to see if there was anything new, or possibly reprinted since then, or ones I’d missed the first time around. And seems there’s a combination of all of these!


Kama Sutra Kitchen


Kama Sutra Kitchen -I’m amazed that it took till 2014 for a book of this title to come out. According to the write up, this book is designed to increase sensuality to support the proper mood while concocting aphrodisiac recipes. Let’s hope the recipes are better than the intro!


The Aphrodisiac Encyclopedia


The Aphrodisiac Encyclopedia – I like the wording of this one better: Mark Douglas Hill has spent a lifetime in pursuit of foods that encourage friskiness and enhance the frisking. That makes a lot more sense, and is a lot more appealing! I like that it moves beyond the obvious oysters to things like figs, mint and mango, so probably recipes that will be incredibly tasty, even without the friskiness.


Seductive & Sinful


Seductive and Sinful Cooking – god, I’d be tempted to buy this one just because it looks so awful, like some awful ancient history version of a seduction cookbook. Worth looking up online and laughing at, but I’d really not seriously recommend adding this to your collection, unless it’s really your thing.


The Seduction Cookbook


The Seduction Cookbook – this one is going back a bit, as it was published in 2004. But it was the last line of this one that made me laugh (and let’s face it, laughter is a great aphrodisiac): if all else fails, showing up naked with the dessert course should get things moving in the right direction! Besides that, the recipes sound great too, like Halibut with Orange Basil Butter and Snow Peas.


Fork me Spoon me


Fork Me, Spoon Me – this probably wins for worst title, and sauciest, but classy, illustrations. And then it moves onto the recipe titles…I mean, seriously? Hard tacos with hot guacamole. Hot honey nuts. Love linguine. Please…which I mean in an ironic way, as opposed to a heartfelt request. If you wanted a cheesy gift, then I would guess this is it!

For me, I still think some of my original choices are better than a lot of these, although I’d probably credit the Aphrodisiac Encyclopedia with most thorough research, so it deserves a look if only for that. But I would say any meal cooked with love and passion, that takes the object of your affection’s tastes into account is just as likely to have a positive effect than any amount of oysters and figs!

Fantastic photo by JD Hancock on Flickr. Appropriately entitled Paring, a nice wordplay for the cooks and lovers amongst us!


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