The essence of an English summer in a hamper


There was a brief glance of summer last weekend, when most of the UK got to feel the sun on their face. It made me think of all those tastes of summer, like cucumber sandwiches, Pimms and elderflower.


English Essentials Hamper


And if I was having a treat for summer, then I’d feel myself lucky to be the recipient of a Fortnum’s English Essentials Hamper. There’s pickles and chutney to add to a ploughmans, or raspberry jam for your afternoon tea. Oh, and there’s good tea included as well.

So you could make yourself a good cup of tea, a sandwich or two and a scone, and settle down to read the copy of  Tea at Fortnum & Mason that comes with it. Hopefully all this under a tree in the dappled sunlight, as opposed to inside listening to the rain lashing against the windows!


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