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Rosebud Preserves Seville Orange Marmalade - perfect gift for a marmalade loving food lover

This time last year was the first time I’d ever made my own marmalade. I think partly because I’ve only recently got into marmalade, and I’ve not been a big preserves maker (unless you count preserving sloes in gin).

There are those that would tell you it was pretty tasty as far as marmalade goes. It was just the huge mess in the kitchen I couldn’t stand. The stickiness over every surface. The chuntering as I tried to peel all the fruit. Which is why this year I know the answer to perfect marmalade is just to buy some darn good stuff from someone who is much better at making it than me!

My choice at the moment is either the classic Seville orange marmalade or for something different the red grapefruit marmalade from Rosebud Preserves. They’re based in barns near Masham in Yorkshire, and I somehow think they are less messy and better equipped than me. They certainly turn out great tasting preserves. I bought some of this for the first time when I was in the area last summer, and hoping that their stockist list moves a bit further south.

Failing that, stock up online. Gooseberry and Elderflower jam sounds like one of those to stock up on during the summer, bet it would make an interesting addition to a cream tea.


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