The cookbooks not coming with us into 2016


Which cookbooks are not making it into 2016


A couple of years ago I wrote about the cookbooks that really earnt their keep on my shelves, and I would say all bar one of those are still my go to books. And a few others have joined them, as surprised didn’t include Ottolenghi in there and the River Cottage Family Cookbook, still my go to for a fish pie recipe.

Then there are those that have arrived, and made no impact. Or completely the wrong impact in one case. And so these are moving onto other homes.


Deliciously Ella - so not a cookbook for me


Deliciously Ella

Ok, lets get this one out the way first. I really disliked this book. Not just because I love food. I can do healthy. I just can’t do it preached at me by someone who didn’t know how to cook. To be fair, she lost me at page 14 when she was putting coconut milk in risotto to make it extra creamy.

But hey, I’m just a plain, middle aged woman who was never at St Andrews being a part time model,  with a little blog with a falling audience so maybe it’s all just sour grapes. Or maybe it’s because I know what makes a risotto creamy.


Cicchetti by Lindy Wildsmith



I really loved this one when I first reviewed it, and I really, really wanted to cook from it. But the cocoa dusted baby onions remain unmade, along with the broad bean tartines. Even after trips to Polpo I still didn’t dash back to cook from it. I think after 18 months it’s time for it to make room for something else.


Food You Can't Say No To


Food You Can’t Say No To

I feel so sad about this one, as Tamasin’s Kitchen Bible is one of my all time favourite books, one that I would save in an emergency. And yet this one I’ve never cooked from. Not sure why, but again I’m not sure I’m giving it space any longer.


Falling Cloudberries


Falling Cloudberries

I don’t even remember when this one arrived in the house, it’s been here quite some time though. It’s a beautiful looking book with great stories. I guess I just never felt the need for a mix of Cypriot, Greek, Finnish, Italian recipes. But the photos are pretty.


Stevie Parle's Dock KItchen Cookbook


Stevie Parle’s Dock Kitchen Cookbook

I love Stevie’s cooking, really enjoy watching him when he’s on, and have a pulled pork recipe of his that is my go to version. So I thought I’d love this book. And it’s not that I don’t, I’ve just never cooked from it. Perhaps chicken roasted in mastic and molasses was just a step beyond my cooking.


So, a little clear space on the shelf, and by moving things around it made me look at some books I haven’t cooked from for a while that I think I’ll get out sometime soon. Before I get distracted by the next shiny new one. What about you, are there any cookbooks you’d evict from your bookshelf?


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    Lisa says:

    Coconut milk to make it creamy?! [facepalm]

  2. You can see why i didn’t get to page 15!

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