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Home Sweet Home - the best things about the kitchen at home


We’ve made it back from our northern escapade exploring the highways and byways of some of the North of England. No bones about it though, I am a complete homebody and there is nothing to beat that moment when you first reopen the front door.

Well, apart from when “someone” forgot to put the kitchen bin out before we went away. But that’s a tale of forgetfulness to save up for another day’s brownie point scoring.

For now, I’m enjoying wandering round my own kitchen, marvelling at all the useful bits of kit that I can put my hand to, and the extraneous ones we had whilst away. For a start, there are decent knives with sharp cutting edges, and steel on hand for when they’re not. There are my mugs, ones that hold a decent cup of tea, not half measures.

Here there is a non designer toaster, but it sure as heck does a better job at toasting than the three times the price version. I know, we had one of those before, it was rubbish at toasting and then it blew up. There are dozens of different things for if I feel the urge to knock up a cake or six, which feels quite likely if only because I promised my team back at the day job that I would.

And then there’s the beloved Gaggia. Well actually, I love it that much, missed it so much all the time it was in the repair shop, and knew I’d need good caffeine for all the stuff I was going to be doing, that I took it with us. Look, it’s not as though I was going to France and would need the space to bring back wine. If I’m staying in the UK, then the Gaggia comes too. And didn’t Iappreciate it?

So whilst the cottage we rented had a great kitchen that was one of the best equipped for holiday let that I’ve ever had, there really is no place like home for me. And my home is never, ever having one of these:


What’s wrong with an ice tray?


Home Sweet Home pic by Diana Parkhouse on Flickr.


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