The 6 Gifts Food Lovers Hate


The Gifts no food lover wants


So, here we are, end of October. Halloween tonight, which means Christmas will really start in earnest from tomorrow. Which means there will be some horrors of things appearing under the category of gifts for food lovers.

Seriously, every year the same. So,these are things for me that should be banned from existing in that category!

Pot Noodle gift with spinning fork

Pot Noodle or other “ironic” food gift –  No food lover is going to thank you for a rotating noodle spoon. Or exclaim “such fun” except through very gritted teeth.


Salt & Pepper Grinder. Trust us, we've got this covered already


Salt & pepper grinder – seriously, if we love our food we’re going to be sorted on the salt and pepper front. Can’t cook without it. So unless we happen to have told you ours have just broken then not the best choice.


Ultimate spice collection? I don't think so


Spice collections – ok, I’m going with some ingredient snobbery here. So, a bit like the salt and pepper grinders, if we love our food, we’re going to have our spices sorted. Or at least better sorted than the high street will do, and we’ll know what we love and don’t. But if it was from somewhere like Arabica, Ottolenghi or Steenburgs then we’d probably be more than ok with that.


Novelty wine holder. The jokes worn off.


Novelty wine holder – I’ve already written about these once this year. They are still a bad idea. Ditto novelty corkscrews.


Candy floss maker - difficult to justify the space


Candy Floss Maker – Or, indeed, other novelty type gadgets. Like chocolate fountains. If we love our cooking there’ll be a lot of gadgets we’d love. These are unlikely to be our top priority for counter space.


Novelty pizza choppers - not for me thanks


Novelty pizza cutter – only marginally better than the novelty wine holder. But not much.


This whole blog started as people kept asking about where to get great gifts for food lovers, and hopefully that’s what I keep finding for you. In the run up to Christmas I’ll be looking for the things that food lovers really will find to be great gifts. What else would you put on the “do not think about it” list?




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    Jules says:

    Best one we’ve had recently is two mini jam jars of Heinz tomato ketchup with a matching red lunchbox that’s too small for a sandwich and lid doesn’t say on properly. Argos sold loads of stuff like that last year. Prime product placement by the waiting area.

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