Tea for 2 or more from T2


T2 Tea - great shop to stop by for a food lover who likes great tea


I had to laugh at myself in Sydney, as I came across T2 Tea, which I really liked. And bought quite a few things.

Only to find that there are three stores in the UK!


More tea at T2 Tea - great store for tea lovers


It was a beautiful store, and it did make me think that perhaps this is what Whittards could have been if it had been a bit more single minded. The teas were great, and I really like their cups and teapots. I brought Sydney Breakfast tea back, as that’s where I was, but there are blends for the cities they operate in, as well as a London blend.


My new tumblers for tea from T2 Tea - great store to stop by for gifts for tea lovers


I bought some beautiful china tumblers back as well, which I haven’t tracked down on their website yet, but got waylaid by fabulous teapots. Very tempting!


Teapots & more from T2 Tea


There are three stores in the UK, all in the South East but you can order online. Definitely worth a look, I brought cubes of tea back as gifts which were well received, and I’m looking forward to making a Sydney brew this weekend.


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