Valentine’s Day Chocolate to really make them smile


So, one of the worst nightmares of Valentine’s Day, after plastic red roses or those awful teddies clutching satin hearts or red silk underwear, has to be the last minute, quarter pound box of Roses bought at the garage. Possibly only topped by all four of those awful gifts combined. Given that you still have a little time to get organised, here are a few to replace the box of Roses with:


Amelia Rope Valentine's Day - chocolate with taste at every level


* I love Amelia Rope’s chocolate, both for the fabulous flavour combinations in beautifully smooth chocolate, and also for the design as well. I love what she is doing for Valentine’s Day, where you can choose from either a little additional crystal heart for the front, or a lovely handmade gift tag. Messages written for you, so chances to be anonymous are high. But when you are sending chocolate this good, why not tell? I love the Dark Hazelnut and Sea Salt, but wouldn’t turn any of them down!


William Curley Red Gift Box for Valentine's Day


* William Curley have some lovely looking heart shaped boxes, which is not imaginative but it’s all about the chocolate inside. You could send the couture collection or framboise truffles, or even champagne truffles. All of which are significantly more likely to be well received than any amounts of Roses.


Mini heart salted caramels from Artisan Du Chocolat


* One of my happiest days was being at an event where the team from Artisan du Chocolat came in to do a tasting, and very generous they were too, with a great many delicous favours being nibbled at. But for Valentine’s Day I think there would be many great recipients of these mini heart shaped versions of their original Salted Caramels. Delicious!


Montezuma's Valentine hamper


* I’ve always been a fan of Montezuma’s, ever since their early days, and a hamper from them is a great gift for those who like their chocolate with, well shall we say a little less finesse? Big dollops, big flavours, generous portions. For some, heaven in a hamper!

So, be organised, and step away from the garage quarter pound selections. Be generous, it will repay you!


Perfect night out for a fragrance loving foodie


Beautiful fragrances from Miller Harris

I’ve written before about trying to combine my two loves, food and fragrance, so hugely excited to hear that William Curley has taken this to the next level. For one night only he is running an evening of pairing fragrance with chocolate.

Could it get better than that?

The evening is a combination of his amazing chocolates and fragrances from Miller Harris. This is my idea of heaven, and I am busy trying to see if diary will permit attendance. For £30 you get an evening of chocolate and perfume pairings at his chocolate and patisserie shop in Belgravia, experiencing eight chocolate and fragrance pairings, champagne, and delicious homemade savoury canapés.

In addition, William Curley and Robert Gorman from Miller Harris will talk you through the ways in which the complex flavoursof chocolates and floral notes of fragrances complement each other to create an exciting and unique fusion for the senses. You also get 20% off William Curley and Miller Harris products bought on the evening.

If you had a birthday or other event coming up soon then this might make a perfect gift. You could give them chocolates in advance, or fragrance in advance, and then the ticket for the event. Pity it’s not post Valentine’s Day, as imagine it would make a great gift, combining two of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts after flowers. My favourite foodie fragrance from Miller Harris would have to be a toss up between the citrussy Piment des Baies and then Fleurs De Sel, which I can imagine might just feature on the night. (UPDATE sadly neither fragrance is still available).

If you need to check your diary, then you need to be free from 6.45pm to 8.30pm on 8 February. Book now, this will surely be a unique and memorable evening.