Hearts and romance for the kitchen


So, I’ve done Valentine’s food and drink choices that are not too twee or tacky, here’s a few things with a heart and romance theme, but hopefully staying away from tacky!


Anatomical heart mug


A heart themed mug? But not at all twee, given the anatomical illustration. Perfect for unsentimental type who doesn’t want to feel they’ve missed out.


Valentine's Enamel mugs


For something a little more traditionally romantic but not too twee, then I really like these enamel mugs. Perfect for long romantic walks where you might want to take a flask of tea with you.


Personalised chopping board


Hoping that the couple that cooks together stays together, and if you’ve got a chopping board this lovely with your names on it, maybe staying together is a good idea. Practical but cute.


You're Intoxicating Heart Shaped Bottle Opener


This is also a practical but sweet gift, a heart shaped bottle opener. I like the message too: you’re intoxicating.


A romantic tea towel


Maybe not the most romantic way to declare your love, but if it won’t be the first time you’ve said it then it’s rather lovely as tea towels go. Or even better, use it to wrap another gift up in.


How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day, and are you doing gifts at all? Would love to know, without you giving anything away.


What would a food lover really like for Valentine’s Day?


What Food Lovers Would Really Like for Valentine's Day


I’ve written before about my loathing of the great pink and red tat onslaught that this time of year subjects us to, all in the name of love. For someone who loves their food as much as you love themI, and vice versa, then these are my top 10 gifts:


The Modern Pantry Perfect Breakfast Hamper


Start the day off brilliantly with this Perfect Breakfast Hamper from The Modern Pantry. It’s a non-London based alternative to being able to get in there to eat. And you can stay in your PJs to enjoy it. Or ditch them. Which is somewhat frowned on in the restaurant it seems.


Sweetheart Box from Drop Dead Chocolates


Whilst the name Drop Dead Chocolates may not seem romantic, the chocolates themselves are delicious and truly beautiful to look at. I’d go with the Sweetheart box, though I can imagine some fights here over the Ginger or Salted Caramel Hearts. Or check out the chocolate macarons that I wrote about before.

Lakrids Love Chocolate Coated Liquorice

For something a bit different on the taste front, but with an appropriate Valentine’s name and look, then how about the Raspberry Chocolate Chilli Coated Liquorice from Lakrids Love. Lots of flavours to slowly savour, and then a bit of heat kicking in at the end. Perfect. (UPDATE, sadly the raspberry is no longer available but there’s a lovely peach version been brought in).


Adopt a tree, enjoy the olive oil


One of my favourite gifts I ever gave someone else was the adoption of an olive tree with Nudo. I still think it’s a great gift, often imitated, but I still really like their design and know that the olive oil that was delivered was great.


Elderflower & Gin Flavoured Lollies


Maybe this is the way to slip gin into the office? I mean surely these heart shaped lollies look innocent enough? But given they are flavoured with elderflower and gin, then they’d definitely be something that I could fall in love with. Because I’m well beyond the like quite a lot stage in my relationship with gin.


Cheese & Charcuterie Selection from Craved


For a lover with a less than sweet tooth, then I really like the cheese and charcuterie selection from Craved. Small producers, great products, just add the drink of your choice and you’ve got a perfect picnic in the making. Where you choose to eat it is up to you.


Nuvo Sparkling Vodka Liqueur


Ok, I try to avoid the onslaught of pink, but I can make an exception for this sparkling pink vodka liqueur from Nuvo. Combining French vodka, sparkling wine and passion fruit nectar, it sounds like it could be tasty, as well as pretty.


Valentine's Fortune Cookies


My love of Chinese food is quite well documented, so I love the idea of these Valentine’s Day fortune cookies, whether you’ve eaten out or cooked at home. Still, my favourite fortune ever was from a misfortune cookie: there are people worse off than you in the world…just not many.


Fairy Tale Gourmet Hot Chocolate Hearts


I’ve written a few times about how much I love the inventiveness of Fairy Tale Gourmet, and I think they might have cracked it for Valentine’s Day. I love this sweet little tin of hearts for making proper hot chocolate, so a little melting heart could create a heart warming moment or two.


Marie Antoinette Personalised Cookies from Biscuiteers


And who can resist a tin of iced biscuits? Add your own message, and be lucky if these make it to the 15th! These are delicious beauties from Biscuiteers, and they do have a gluten free option available too.

So, there are plenty of delicous, tasty and tasteful options you could go with to demonstrate your love. That, or just turn up with tea and toast as it’s a Sunday morning.