Bringing some classy glass to tea time


Glass Tea-iere from The White Company

I love my tea in the morning, but always feel it lacks the ceremony, at least in my house, of making a coffee. That has a whole plethora of bits of kit, from the grinder to the tamper through to the frothing jug.

Sadly, my tea routine is usually tea bag into mug.

But this glass tea-iere from The White Company is rather lovely, and I would enjoy making tea in this. Although thankfully it wouldn’t mean giving up my beloved Yorkshire Tea, as they do a loose leaf version.


Glass Tea Infuser Mug from The White Company


If you don’t consume large quantities of tea like me, then there’s also a tea infuser mug, perfect for individual serving. If you are serious about your tea, then maybe the glass tea timer would be a lovely addition if you were giving these as a gift.


Glass tea timer from The White Company


As always, some lovely things from The White Company, whether you’re shopping for a gift for a food lover or just a treat or two for yourself.


Dreaming of a White Christmas


The White Compan Lifestyle


In my dreams, my life looks like the White Company catalogue. All that serene whiteness, well pressed linen that never creases and clean, cherubic children.

In reality my house looks more like the proverbial explosion in a paint shop, nothing matches (and not in an arty way), my linen looks creased the minute I put it on and I look rubbish in shades of taupe and beige, like I’m dead already. And I can never claim to have had a clean child. Only a happy one.

But I still look longingly at the catalogue, and still think it’s not a bad source for gifts for those who can pull off the pale life. Or at least would like just a little corner of the house where they can pretend! For the cooks and food lovers, then there are a few choices I’d make:


Winter Candle from The White Company - a great gift for a food lover who likes their fragrances spicy


I do love their candles, and the Winter fragrance is a great foodie scent. Combining cinnamon, clove and fresh orange, this is going to smell like Christmas baking, even when you aren’t busy in the kitchen.


Carafe from The White Company - perfect gift for a food lover who loves to entertain

A carafe is always useful, particularly for those of us definitely eschewing bottled water. Chilled tap water with a slice of lemon, served beautifully in something like this wins hands down for me.


Glass cake stand from The White Company - perfect gift for a food lover who likes a good cake


I love a good cake stand, and have a lovely glass one similar to this one which I use an awful lot. Works well for cakes and desserts, or fruit and cheese. A good investment piece.


Beautiful glass trifle bowl from The White Company - perfect gift for a food lover who likes their trifle


Ok, and I know this is not cheap at £45 but who doesn’t want to make trifle in this comport? Can imagine you could do all sorts with this, or just make a lot of trifle!


Beautiful champagne saucers from the White Company - great gift for a food lover who loves it elegant


I had a bit of an obsession with champagne saucers last year, and still loving them this year as well. These feel elegant and decadent, even if you only pour Sprite into them.

The good thing about The White Company is that with it all being so neutral you could give their stuff to anyone, even someone you didn’t know very well, as it would fit in anywhere. Definitely worth stopping by for a look.