What will you drink on National Tea Day this Friday?


Time for tea on National Tea Day


I love a cup of tea. Whether it’s National Tea Day or not, I love tea.

If I had to choose between tea and coffee for ever more, then tea would win hands down. Perhaps it’s my northern upbringing, but I can’t start the day without a cup of tea.

Unless I’m in Italy. In which case it’s pointless drinking the tea. Likewise in the USA.

But what kind of tea? Well, it depends on when.



Bellevue Belter for a good strong cuppa


I’m a bit of a traditionalist, and it’s usually Yorkshire tea here. That said, I’m also partial to the Bellevue Belter too, which is a good strong black tea. Both will get your day up and running.



Make your own black tea kit from Bluebird Tea Co


I guess I can take two routes here, depending on what time of year the afternoon falls. For these lighter, occasionally warmer, afternoons, then I like an Earl Grey type. If you want something just a little different on the same theme, then I like the Lady Lavender tea from Bluebird Tea.

If the weather turns cooler, or as we head into winter, then I love the smokiness of Russian Caravan tea. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, literally, but I love the aroma and the dark, smoky taste.



Chinese Treasures from Bluebird Tea


I have to admit to not drinking tea after about 6pm, as even decaf seems to cause sleepless nights. There are plenty of good options, if you like fruit or herbal infusions. Certainly Bluebird have over half a dozen different options which might set you on the right track for a good night’s sleep.

So, morning, noon or night, tea can be there all the way, on National Tea Day or beyond. You need a decent mug (back to my northern upbringing, cups and saucers only happen on trips out) and preferably somewhere cosy to get curled up with your tea.

And then, possibly, a decent biscuit, or two to go alongside a marvellous mug of tea. So, what will you choose? What’s in your tea mug?



Brewing up great gifts for tea lovers


Time to treat the tea lovers with great gifts


Whilst there have been plenty of stats on the decline of tea, I think it’s still fair to say that in the UK we are still a nation of tea drinkers. Personally, I can’t start my day without a cup of tea, it’s a daily gift so here’s some great Christmas gifts for fellow tea lovers.


Breville 5 temperature setting kettle


Can’t make a good tea without water, but not necessarily boiling. This lovely looking kettle from Breville has 5 temperature settings, making it perfect for the perfect brew for every colour of tea. Great for a tea lover with a wide variety of tea tastes, or just general geekiness for a good gadget.


Christmas Tea Bauble Gift Set from Tregothnan - perfect gift for a tea lover


I do love the fact that there are quite a number of tea plantations around the UK now, and that some of them are even exporting tea to China. Tregothnan is, I think, the best known of our home grown plantations. For a festive treat from them, I like this Christmas Tea Bauble gift set, and you can choose which two teas to go in there, including their Jasmine, Earl Grey Blue Flower and Classic.

Dazed and Dazzled teapot from T2

Great tea deserves a great tea pot, for those times when you’re not just chucking a tea bag into a mug (I know, but let’s be real about this). I really love T2, one of my favourite finds on my trip to Australia. They have really good ceramics, and I love this teapot, really bright and vibrant to brighten up any morning brew. You’ll find matching mugs as well if you really want to splash out.


Make your own black tea kit from Bluebird Tea Co


Fancy yourself as a bit of master tea blender? Well, with this kit from Bluebird Tea Co then you can make your very own blend of black tea to your hearts content. With different types of black tea, and then some additional flavourings, you can have a number of combinations all before the turkey is cooked on Christmas Day.


You Complete Me Gin Mug


Tea needs a mug in my view. And this one is perfect for me, for MFL and for every other gin lover out there. Enjoy.


Green tea with cat tags

This gift hits so many different types of people. Green tea lovers. Those with a love of all things Japanese. Crazy cat ladies who will love the cat shaped tags on these tea bags. People that you have in the office secret Santa and know nothing about. Or just generally because you fancy some cute green tea tea bags.


Fika Teapot from Oliver BonasAnd if you’re going to be brewing green tea, then not only do you need a kettle that will get it to the right temperature, but you might like something like this to brew it in. This is the Fika Teapot from Oliver Bonas, and there are matching cups as well.


Personalised Tea Tin Gifts from Bluebird


Personalised gifts are always a lovely surprise, particularly when they are as good at these ones from Bluebird Tea Co (yes, I’m very fond of them as a tea supplier). You get two lines of message to personalise as you like, and you can choose which blend goes in here, from something festive like Christmas Cake or Snowball to something like the Great British Cuppa. You can even add the perfect tea spoon or a collapsible tea infuser as well. Great idea, great tea.

So, get the kettle on, make yourself a brew and decide what to get the other tea lovers in your life. Christmas needs good tea, not just turkey!


When tea gets personal


Personalised tea tin gifts from Bluebird Tea Company



I love my tea, as anyone who reads this very often will know. I also really like Bluebird Tea, I’ve written about them quite a lot and I love how they continue to develop their range.

New for this year are these personalised tea tin gifts, so you can really spell out why someone is special to you. The standard tea is their Great British Cuppa, but for another £5 you can make this a gift of something like their Gingerbread Chai, Earl Grey Creme or Honey Bee Beautiful.

You get 30 characters to make a name for your tea, and then 100 characters for your message so can really tell the recipient something special.

They get about 100 cups of tea worth of tea, and probably a smile every time they make a brew. Available directly from Bluebird’s website, or through Not on the High Street if you’re shopping for other gifts too.


Putting tea temptation out there


T2 Tea - too many good things for tea lovers


I wrote about T2 when I got back from Australia last year, as this was one of the retailers out there that I really fell in love with. Of course, I felt a bit of a fool on discovering they already had stores in the UK, but given they were in Shoreditch and Shepherd’s Bush, then I could understand why I hadn’t stumbled across them.

But last week I did stumble across them, finding a store on Regent Street, which will mean a few detours on my trips into London. But then the website still has plenty of temptation too, to keep me going in the meantime. I mean, there’s the stunningly beautiful Moroccan Tealeidoscope Tea for one, which is just gorgeous:


Moroccan Tealeidoscope Tea for One for a tea lover


There’s a whole range of lovely things in this pattern, and a number of different colourways, which I could see definitely making beautiful gifts for a tea lover.

Fancy Flowers Black Geometric Teapot


If you’re looking for something a little more minimalist, then this black and white geometric floral design might do the trick. There’s a medium and mini size in this teapot so perfect depending on how big your tea drinking habit is.


Fitzroyaltea from T2


So whilst T2 might be new to many of us, back in Australia they’re celebrating 20 years in business, and this is the celebratory tea to do it with. Packed with native Aussie ingredients, Fitzroyaltea is a herbal tisane with a lot of zing to it, including hibiscus and aniseed myrtle. Worth a try, to make a change from your PG Tips habit.


T2 5 Rise and Shine Gift Set


If they need tea to get them going in the morning, then the 5 Rise and Shine Gift Pack might just be the thing for them. Five breakfast brews, from around the world, including New York Breakfast and Irish Breakfast, along with a more traditional English breakfast. Although sadly missing the Sydney Breakfast that I bought.

Definitely a lovely shop for browsing, whether you’re in London or the virtual world, perfect source for treats for tea lovers.


Bringing some classy glass to tea time


Glass Tea-iere from The White Company

I love my tea in the morning, but always feel it lacks the ceremony, at least in my house, of making a coffee. That has a whole plethora of bits of kit, from the grinder to the tamper through to the frothing jug.

Sadly, my tea routine is usually tea bag into mug.

But this glass tea-iere from The White Company is rather lovely, and I would enjoy making tea in this. Although thankfully it wouldn’t mean giving up my beloved Yorkshire Tea, as they do a loose leaf version.


Glass Tea Infuser Mug from The White Company


If you don’t consume large quantities of tea like me, then there’s also a tea infuser mug, perfect for individual serving. If you are serious about your tea, then maybe the glass tea timer would be a lovely addition if you were giving these as a gift.


Glass tea timer from The White Company


As always, some lovely things from The White Company, whether you’re shopping for a gift for a food lover or just a treat or two for yourself.


Tea for 2 or more from T2


T2 Tea - great shop to stop by for a food lover who likes great tea


I had to laugh at myself in Sydney, as I came across T2 Tea, which I really liked. And bought quite a few things.

Only to find that there are three stores in the UK!


More tea at T2 Tea - great store for tea lovers


It was a beautiful store, and it did make me think that perhaps this is what Whittards could have been if it had been a bit more single minded. The teas were great, and I really like their cups and teapots. I brought Sydney Breakfast tea back, as that’s where I was, but there are blends for the cities they operate in, as well as a London blend.


My new tumblers for tea from T2 Tea - great store to stop by for gifts for tea lovers


I bought some beautiful china tumblers back as well, which I haven’t tracked down on their website yet, but got waylaid by fabulous teapots. Very tempting!


Teapots & more from T2 Tea


There are three stores in the UK, all in the South East but you can order online. Definitely worth a look, I brought cubes of tea back as gifts which were well received, and I’m looking forward to making a Sydney brew this weekend.


Love in the morning (when it’s mainly about the tea)


early morning tea - a gift for any food lover in my book

Many of you will know that I’m very often an early riser, or at least early waker, and it’s always all about that first cup of tea of the day.

Now I’m very much a Yorkshire Tea kind of girl, but if I was choosing a loose leaf equivalent then it would be Bellevue Tea’s Belter. And if you need an infuser for this kind of thing, at this time of year, then this is probably the tea infuser to get for your loved one.

Heart Tea Infuser - great gift for a food lover who really likes their tea

Available from Harts of Stur (no pun intended), best delivered first thing already in use straight to your loved one. Could always buy a new mug too, go full on twee with the Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts mug.


Pink Hearts Mug from Emma Bridgewater


Proper mug, as it contains a full half pint of tea. Perfect start to any day.

Photo by Allen Adnan on Flickr.


The Foodie Gift Hunter is away


T2 Tea - too many good choices for good tea


I’m in Germany for a couple of days, so posts may be a bit limited. Mainly because I shall be overcome with indecision at breakfast each day, with the choice of 6 butters, 6 other spreads, 8 breads and 30 different jams. And there’s the selection of loose tea, which I must count properly tomorrow but probably reaches somewhere around the 30 mark as well.

But no Yorkshire tea to be seen!


Time to get a brew on and plan


I love this time of year, the anticipation of Christmas almost as good as the day itself. Planning the gifts, the decorations, the Christmas book off with English Mum and of course the food. I look forward to the moment each year when I get the recipe books down, the notebook out and the planning starts.

My other companion for this exercise is always a good mug of tea. Or two, depending on how many days I’m planning for. In order to brew great tea, and have a refill to hand, then I think I need a new teapot. And I’d like a Zero Japan one.


Zero Japan 2 Cup teapot - great gift for a food lover who really loves their tea


I really fell in love with these during a couple of happy times sitting in the Peter’s Yard Cafe in Edinburgh during our trip this summer. The display was really eye-catching, as is the design of these pots. These are not style over substance though, absolutely brilliant for loose-leaf tea.


Zero Japan at Peter's Yard - great place for any food lover to visit


I don’t know why I didn’t buy one at the time, as really the only decision to make is which colour! These aren’t available online from Peter’s Yard, but Pekoe Tea of Edinburgh have a great range on offer. Now, just to find the recipe books!


Need to travel with a mug


Opening our minds, and appetites, through travel


I had a wonderful time in the US, in my friends’ beautiful house in New Jersey. The time difference meant I was quite often up early, and two things threw me in the kitchen in the first few days. The first was playing hunt the kettle. Nowhere to be seen on the surfaces.

Can you imagine a British kitchen where that was true?

In the end they did reveal the kettle, but they generally didn’t keep it out. So at least then I could have boiling water to make tea with. Only to then find there was only 1 mug in the kitchen.

I hate to guess how many are in my cupboard!

So next time I’m taking my own! And I spotted that Victoria Eggs has a great new design coming in the next few weeks, which is perfect for the baking fans out there.


Baking Delight Mug


It looks a perfect size for a good morning brew to head off that jet lag at the pass! Thankfully now I’m home I have plenty of choice, but who can’t ever make room for another beautiful mug?