Port & Lemon anyone?


Fish & Ships Galley Cloth from Port & Lemon


No, not a Christmas drinks order in early, but just wanted to flag this new to me design company. Port & Lemon are very inspired by all things nautical and sea shore, and I think these are great for any kitchen, whether you’re by the sea or not.

I’m hoping for fish and chips next week when we’re by the sea, so I like the play on words of Fish and Ships.


Any Port In a Storm Galley Cloth


There again, Any Port In A Storm might be appropriate given we’re down on the Gower Coast, and it’s October. You can have these on tea towels, or coaster or place mats, and mix and match to suit the humour or taste of the recipient.


Port & Lemon Mugs


They also have lovely mugs too, so you could definitely pull together a great gift for someone. Wrapping stuff in tea towels makes a good alternative to gift wrap, so gift and wrap in one. Products seems to be focused on UK manufacture as well, so a good local business to support.


My new favourite shop for radically good tea towels


I rise. Who doesn't need some inspiration from Maya when drying up?


I’ve written a lot over the years about how much I love tea towels, and what a perfect gift they make for a food lover. And for many years To Dry For have been my go to supplier of choice, for sheer variety.

Hate to tell them, they’ve got competition.

The Radical Tea Towel Company is new to me, but I love them! I mean part of me wishes these guys had been around when I was married. I’d have slipped a few of these into the ex FIL’s kitchen, just for the heck of it.

Oh, I wouldn’t have known where to start, although I love the Maya Angelou one up at the top there. And anything remotely left leaning would have definitely been more me than him. Perhaps a bit of Karl Marx?


Up the workers! A bit of Marx with your drying up.


And a bit of Mrs Pankhurst for good measure.


Equality with the drying up


They might have started out just with tea towels, but they now have mugs, oven gloves, even fridge magnets so all sorts of options for all kinds of food lovers or just anyone you need an interesting gift for. I think I might need some new mugs, a bit of quiet subversion over the tea run perhaps.

A great site to keep an eye on.


How to get cocktails into the kitchen every day


I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite partial to a cocktail. Or two. So this might just find a home here:


Know Your Cocktails Tea Towel from To Dry For


From To Dry For, one of my favourite websites. They make tea towels into a thing of joy, for one of the dullest jobs in the kitchen.

Always worth checking in on what’s new with them, they just keep finding new designs and designers to create a moment in the dull routine to just brighten the day up. Now if that isn’t worth a few moments of time I’m not sure what is.


My five favourite tea towels for the festive washing up ahead


Are you ready for the mammoth dish drying this Christmas?


It’s Christmas, there’s going to be some great cooking and eating going on.

And there’s going to be mountains of washing up.

So, get organised, get a rota going, get plenty of washing up liquid and rubber gloves in, and then some really fab tea towels to slightly brighten up the task. These are my favourites:


Dry Hard with a Vengeance this Christmas


I write about To Dry For a lot, as they are brilliant and single minded about great tea towels. And you might not think Die Hard is a festive movie, but I’m pretty sure they were set at Christmas. Made me smile anyway.


One Prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecco, floor


I think this one is for quite a few people I know. And also possible sums up my drinking ability. Or lack of.


Go bold and bright with these tea towels from Joules


Add some brightness to the kitchen with this twin pack of towels from Joules. No one can claim not to be able to find the tea towel when they are this bright and this gorgeous.


Cooking is therapy tea towel


What can I say? Definitely I find cooking therapeutic and relaxing, although the drying up possibly less so! But I think this tea towel could be a good reminder of how cooking is supposed to be.


All I want for Christmas is gin


Anyone who knows me reading this will say straight away this is the tea towel for me. I couldn’t possibly comment. Should gin not be their particular vice, then this can be personalised as you see fit.


So, I can’t say these will make the task any easier, but will make it slightly more entertaining. My best advice is put the Christmas tunes on loud, and have a glass of something delicious to hand. Every three dishes dried means you get at least a sip!


Photo by Matthias Ripp on Flickr



Should I stock up on French kitchen linens before I get to France?


Coucke linens - fabulous French linens to make a fabulous gift for a food lover

Oh my, Sous Chef are making it very tempting to stock up on gorgeous French kitchen linens now. Not only do they have beautiful linens from Coucke, but they have 15% off until 30 July.

It’s no secret that I’m very fond of tea towels, with my latest one coming from Red Tractor on our trip from Australia. But my special weakness is for French linens, and I wouldn’t quite know what to choose from these.

I mean, I could go very traditional looking with the Rustique Bleu:


Couke Rustique Bleu


I could go educational with something to hand to check up on the source of my red wine:


Vin rouge


Or just something lovely and inspirational for baking:


Coucke les macarons


But there again, I could also get distracted by another love, and great gift: a lovely new apron.




I really don’t know, too many great choices. And if you cook, you can never have too many tea towels, and they are useful gifts for all kinds of food lovers. What would you pick?


Three more favourite sales underway


Seems Lakeland was the first of my high temptation sales to start, but now three more absolute favourites are up and running.

House by John Lewis BakerJohn Lewis – good for good quality bakeware and pans, I also really like their House range. This dish looks like a good size for a lasagne or cannelloni, both popular dishes here. Could get organised for Christmas and buy a reduced price turkey basting set too.




I am very tempted by the croquembouche set, now only £7. It’s one of those things I’ve never made, and always fancied trying. I daren’t look at the glass sale, although I did spot a beer tasting set at £12, possibly worth putting away for a last minute beer lover gift.


chocolate biscuits


Not on the High Street – I know, it’s dull how many times I’ve written about how much I love this site, but it’s the site that keeps on giving with so many great ideas. And even better at sale time for great ideas at less. The biscuit shaped chocolates I wrote about before are now only £9.60, along with lots of other sweet stuff like marshmallows also in the sale.


Begins with gin


For non calorific options, then it’s a great time to stock up on tea towels and shopping bags, always useful standby gifts (don’t forget that plastic bag ban coming in soon, everyone will need more shopping bags), not to mention there are lots of great mugs. Foodie or not, all three make great gifts for all kinds of occasions.


Emma Bridgewater – whilst not mad keen on the very floral stuff, I love Emma Bridgewater’s stuff, and there’s a lot of lovely stuff in the sale.


skyline mug


I really like the Skyline mug, would keep this for next time I was going to the US. As a great gift to keep to hand, then I like the gift set of two mini mugs that are candles to start with at least.


toast & marmalade mini filled mugs

Emma also has great tea towels, and some lovely glass too.


Storm Lantern


Whilst not completely food related, I love the large storm lantern, perfect for lighting al fresco dinners if we ever get some warm evenings!

So, some lovely things around at discounted prices to think about treating yourself with or keeping for the next time you need a great gift.



Not that many princesses dry the dishes…


But I’m not massive on commemorative stuff, but I do like a good tea towel. When George was born, I had one from To Dry For, but they haven’t done one (yet) so of all the ones I’ve seen then I like this one from Milly Green best.


Princess charlotte tea towel - great gift for a food lover who likes to commemorate stuff


Of course, I don’t expect Princess Charlotte to get acquainted with drying up any time soon, but for the rest of us, a tea towel is a practical thing but it needn’t be dull or boring. And, unlike some awful china, it won’t take up much space!

Although if you do buy mugs and things, at least if you hang onto them for long enough they become sort of ironic chic. Wish I had hung onto my Silver Jubilee mugs!


Putting Cornwall into your kitchen


I miss living by the sea. In fact couldn’t be much further from the sea as living in the Midlands, but I have resisted decorating the house with a coastal theme.

Well, so far, but the homewares from Seasalt might well tempt me down that route. I mean, this apron is hardly nautical, is it?


Seasalt Apron


And canning veg is not a purely Cornish activity?


Canned veg tea towel

Although there aren’t many trawlers putting to sea round here!


Fresh from the Ocean


But if I wanted to have a very sturdy coffee mug, to warm my hands on whilst standing and looking out to sea, then this would be it.


Leach Coffee Mug


Now all I need is the sea view to go with it! Lovely designs though, even if your kitchen is a long way from Cornwall.


Anzac Biscuits recipe always to hand


This weekend saw the very significant commemorations at Gallipoli, the start of the continuing legend of the Anzac troops.


Anzac Biscuits Tea Towel from Red Tractor Designs


I don’t really know the story of Anzac biscuits, but I do know they’re delicious. So Anzac Biscuits Tea Towel seemed to be a perfect combination of commemoration, recipe and memento!

From Red Tractor Designs, these are designed and printed in Australia and are available for international shipping. I may have to go back and order a Christmas in Australia one too!


Getting ready for the Christmas washing up


With Christmas looming, time to get prepared for the Christmas washing, and drying up. Best get some festive tea towels ready to go!


You Wash I'll Dry Tea Towel - a great gift for any food lover


Make your request clear in advance with this one!


Fear Less Hope More tea towel - perfect gift for any food lover


In case Christmas stresses have broken, then try waving this one at everyone. Get them to read it, then put it to use!


Christmas joy tea towel - great gift for food lover


Spread the joy with something colourful and festive from Emma Bridgewater.



You are my Christmas tea towel - great gift for any food lover


Tell someone about how you feel about them this Christmas. As long as they have the tea towel deployed!


Airfix Christmas tea towel - great gift for any food lover


See if you’ve got all the parts of Christmas covered with this Airfix Christmas tea towel from Victoria Eggs. Snap to it!


It may not be the most fun part of Christmas, but there’s no need for your tea towels to be dull! Best to get organised, not to mention getting stocked up on rubber gloves.