Putting tea temptation out there


T2 Tea - too many good things for tea lovers


I wrote about T2 when I got back from Australia last year, as this was one of the retailers out there that I really fell in love with. Of course, I felt a bit of a fool on discovering they already had stores in the UK, but given they were in Shoreditch and Shepherd’s Bush, then I could understand why I hadn’t stumbled across them.

But last week I did stumble across them, finding a store on Regent Street, which will mean a few detours on my trips into London. But then the website still has plenty of temptation too, to keep me going in the meantime. I mean, there’s the stunningly beautiful Moroccan Tealeidoscope Tea for one, which is just gorgeous:


Moroccan Tealeidoscope Tea for One for a tea lover


There’s a whole range of lovely things in this pattern, and a number of different colourways, which I could see definitely making beautiful gifts for a tea lover.

Fancy Flowers Black Geometric Teapot


If you’re looking for something a little more minimalist, then this black and white geometric floral design might do the trick. There’s a medium and mini size in this teapot so perfect depending on how big your tea drinking habit is.


Fitzroyaltea from T2


So whilst T2 might be new to many of us, back in Australia they’re celebrating 20 years in business, and this is the celebratory tea to do it with. Packed with native Aussie ingredients, Fitzroyaltea is a herbal tisane with a lot of zing to it, including hibiscus and aniseed myrtle. Worth a try, to make a change from your PG Tips habit.


T2 5 Rise and Shine Gift Set


If they need tea to get them going in the morning, then the 5 Rise and Shine Gift Pack might just be the thing for them. Five breakfast brews, from around the world, including New York Breakfast and Irish Breakfast, along with a more traditional English breakfast. Although sadly missing the Sydney Breakfast that I bought.

Definitely a lovely shop for browsing, whether you’re in London or the virtual world, perfect source for treats for tea lovers.


Tea for 2 or more from T2


T2 Tea - great shop to stop by for a food lover who likes great tea


I had to laugh at myself in Sydney, as I came across T2 Tea, which I really liked. And bought quite a few things.

Only to find that there are three stores in the UK!


More tea at T2 Tea - great store for tea lovers


It was a beautiful store, and it did make me think that perhaps this is what Whittards could have been if it had been a bit more single minded. The teas were great, and I really like their cups and teapots. I brought Sydney Breakfast tea back, as that’s where I was, but there are blends for the cities they operate in, as well as a London blend.


My new tumblers for tea from T2 Tea - great store to stop by for gifts for tea lovers


I bought some beautiful china tumblers back as well, which I haven’t tracked down on their website yet, but got waylaid by fabulous teapots. Very tempting!


Teapots & more from T2 Tea


There are three stores in the UK, all in the South East but you can order online. Definitely worth a look, I brought cubes of tea back as gifts which were well received, and I’m looking forward to making a Sydney brew this weekend.