Ready for May the Fourth again


It’s that day again, a day for Star Wars fans of every description. And food lovers are not left out. I’ve written before about my cookie cutters, which Lakeland went on to have a similar version of.


Star Wars Cookie Cutters - great gift for a food lover who feels the force

And there was a whole post of gifts for Star Wars lovers last Christmas, of which the fire pit proved to be the most popular, although I think it was wishful thinking for the vast majority of us.


Death Star Fire Pit - perfect gift fora food lover who loves Star Wars and has been very, very good this year


I wrote earlier in the spring about a Death Star BBQ, which I haven’t spotted in many places online, but Menkind have a cheaper version. Just the legs aren’t so long, so it’ll need a firm surface to live on, or you’ll need to do a bit more bending.


Star Wars Death Star BBQ


And you might want a good apron for whilst you’re BBQing, and I rather like this one from Red Leader on Etsy.


Come to the dark side apron - great gift for a food lover who feels the force


This is the apron I am looking for. Don’t forget the Wookie Cookbook either, for more than just BBQ ideas. Enjoy the day.



May the foodie Force be with you this Christmas


You might well have heard that there is a new Star Wars movie out, it’s been mentioned a few times. In fact, quite regularly amongst my loved ones!

And I know you wouldn’t expect it, but there’s one or two Star Wars themed gifts around this Christmas that will be perfect for where foodie meets geek. Here’s my favourites:

Judge me by my size, do you?

R2 D2 Measuring Set - great gift for a food lover with a Star Wars obsessionThis may be small, but there’s an awful lot of measuring stuff packed in. This is practical. It’s R2D2. Is there anything else to say?


That’s no moon


That's no moon: Death Star cookie jar, great gift for a food lover with a Star Wars obsession


You might need to force yourself not to keep dipping in and out of this cookie jar.


A long time ago, in a bar far, far, away


Make your choice of cantina a bit special with a Storm Trooper tumbler


Hopefully your choice of cantina will be less a wretched hive and more a stylish drinking stop thanks to this tumbler.


I have a very bad feeling about this


Star Wars Chupa Chups - for a Star Wars loving food lover with a sweet tooth

Well, I would, if you eat these all at once and don’t brush your teeth afterwards. Though ten chupa chups could keep someone quiet this Christmas.


This is the coffee you are looking for


I <3 Princess Leia - great mug for men of a certain age

Probably for men of a certain age who were around when the first (the proper first) film came out, this is the perfect mug for them.


The tea is strong in this one


The tea is strong in this one - perfect mug for a food lover who knows how tea should be


Which is at it should be, or at least in this household it is!


No, I am your star chef


No, I am your Star Chef


Show them that the cooking force is strong with them in your view, with this great apron.


Help me UPS, you’re my only hope


Death Star Waffle Maker


Because sadly this amazing waffle maker is not available in the UK. But maybe if we all use the Force, it might be in the future.


It’s a board!


Star Wars Chopping Board - great gift for a food lover with a Star Wars obsession


No trap here, this is just a great looking chopping board. And because for many, it will always be about the original trilogy.



“I love you.” “I know.”


Yoda one for me - for my love and other food lovers with a Star Wars obsession


One for MFL from me. Enough said.


I think you over-estimate their chances


Death Star Fire Pit - perfect gift fora food lover who loves Star Wars and has been very, very good this year


Look, at nearly £900, someone is going to have to have been really, really good to find Santa’s got this on the sleigh for them. But it would make one hell of talking point in the garden, and I include it as multi-functional piece, as you could toast marshmallows over it, hence making it perfect for a Star Wars loving food lover.


Let’s hope the new film produces quotes that are just as memorable for just as long as we’ve enjoyed the originals for. In the meantime, enjoy the excitement and may the Force be with you!