Port & Lemon anyone?


Fish & Ships Galley Cloth from Port & Lemon


No, not a Christmas drinks order in early, but just wanted to flag this new to me design company. Port & Lemon are very inspired by all things nautical and sea shore, and I think these are great for any kitchen, whether you’re by the sea or not.

I’m hoping for fish and chips next week when we’re by the sea, so I like the play on words of Fish and Ships.


Any Port In a Storm Galley Cloth


There again, Any Port In A Storm might be appropriate given we’re down on the Gower Coast, and it’s October. You can have these on tea towels, or coaster or place mats, and mix and match to suit the humour or taste of the recipient.


Port & Lemon Mugs


They also have lovely mugs too, so you could definitely pull together a great gift for someone. Wrapping stuff in tea towels makes a good alternative to gift wrap, so gift and wrap in one. Products seems to be focused on UK manufacture as well, so a good local business to support.


The worst mugs for those with OCD tendencies


Ben de Lisi New York Stacking Mugs - perfect gift for a food lover without OCD tendencies


I loved the look of these. MFL says they’d drive him nuts. Probably because none of our kids would restack them in the right order. Which would drive him nuts.


Ben de Lisi London Stacking Mugs - perfect gift for a food lover without OCD tendencies


But if you can live with that, or will be happy constantly re-stacking them yourselves then I think these are great. By Ben de Lisi exclusively at Debenhams.


I cannot decide which is the most perfect mug


For me at least, as both of these suddenly popped up in my Facebook feed. Firstly this one:



Which given how much I like my gin felt that it was made for me. But then there was this one:



Which as my team know is also very much me. So much so one of them bought me a badge with this on last year.

Perhaps this is one of those occasions where only having both is the right answer. Which would you pick?

I’ve never ordered from Supermug, so this is purely on the basis of the wording. May just have to give them a go and see how I get on. If anyone has any experiences to share that would be great.


Three more favourite sales underway


Seems Lakeland was the first of my high temptation sales to start, but now three more absolute favourites are up and running.

House by John Lewis BakerJohn Lewis – good for good quality bakeware and pans, I also really like their House range. This dish looks like a good size for a lasagne or cannelloni, both popular dishes here. Could get organised for Christmas and buy a reduced price turkey basting set too.




I am very tempted by the croquembouche set, now only £7. It’s one of those things I’ve never made, and always fancied trying. I daren’t look at the glass sale, although I did spot a beer tasting set at £12, possibly worth putting away for a last minute beer lover gift.


chocolate biscuits


Not on the High Street – I know, it’s dull how many times I’ve written about how much I love this site, but it’s the site that keeps on giving with so many great ideas. And even better at sale time for great ideas at less. The biscuit shaped chocolates I wrote about before are now only £9.60, along with lots of other sweet stuff like marshmallows also in the sale.


Begins with gin


For non calorific options, then it’s a great time to stock up on tea towels and shopping bags, always useful standby gifts (don’t forget that plastic bag ban coming in soon, everyone will need more shopping bags), not to mention there are lots of great mugs. Foodie or not, all three make great gifts for all kinds of occasions.


Emma Bridgewater – whilst not mad keen on the very floral stuff, I love Emma Bridgewater’s stuff, and there’s a lot of lovely stuff in the sale.


skyline mug


I really like the Skyline mug, would keep this for next time I was going to the US. As a great gift to keep to hand, then I like the gift set of two mini mugs that are candles to start with at least.


toast & marmalade mini filled mugs

Emma also has great tea towels, and some lovely glass too.


Storm Lantern


Whilst not completely food related, I love the large storm lantern, perfect for lighting al fresco dinners if we ever get some warm evenings!

So, some lovely things around at discounted prices to think about treating yourself with or keeping for the next time you need a great gift.