Breakfast specials for Mother’s Day or any day


Bring a smile to breakfast on Mother's Day

If you’re planning breakfast in bed for a mum this weekend, then you may well know already what mum’s favourite dish would be (eggs Benedict for me. Or a slice of toast). But if you need to get something lovely in, then here’s a few to consider:


Cinnamon & Pecan Granola from Spoon


Not every mum will favour a cooked breakfast (or have kids that are ready to cook one) so something like a good granola might be a great starting point. I love the sound of Cinnamon and Pecan from Spoon, as these are two of my favourite things, plus when you then count in the maple syrup it’s made with then I’m in.


Forman & Field Breakfast in Bed Hamper


If you wanted to combine a gift and breakfast, then the Breakfast in Bed Hamper from Forman & Field does both and with great taste. I mean, smoked salmon, Peter’s Yard crispbreads, Chapel Down fizz and some great coffee? I’d be lucky to get out of bed before lunch!


Old Spot Sausages from Premier Gourmet


Maybe a sausage sandwich would go down well? How about some Old Spot pork sausages from Premier Gourmet Foods? Old Spot gives a delicious flavour to the sausages, definitely not your average banger.


Luxury Taster Box from Hobbs House Bakery


If your mum would just love a plate of good toast, then how about a selection of breads that will be fabulous, toasted or not, from Hobbs House Bakery. This is the luxury tasting box and includes brioche and fig and walnut, so really covering everything from breakfast to end of dinner cheese board.


Anna Jones A Modern Way to Eat - Bircher Muesli recipe


For something very simple to prepare, as long as you’re organised and start the night before, then a bowl of a delicious Bircher muesli might just do the trick. There’s a gorgeous recipe over on the Jamie Oliver site, which is actually from “A Modern Way to Eat” by Anna Jones, one of the books I’ve been recommended recently.

For most mums, it won’t matter what you make, the fact that you took her breakfast will be a gift in its own right. Though also doing the washing up and not leaving the kitchen looking like a bomb has gone off will help an awful lot too!


Ten great mugs for tea in bed for Mum this weekend


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and breakfast in bed is a tradition in many homes. Well, breakfast in bed is bound to need tea in my book, so here are ten great mugs for delivering that first brew of the day in.

Mum is my hero mug from Emma Bridgewater

Simple styling, lovely sentiment from Emma Bridgewater, sure to bring a smile to any mum’s face.


Mama Bear Mug from Plewsey


Show her she’s the mama bear in your tribe with this lovely mug from Plewsy.


Spotty China Letter Mug



No one else can claim this lovely spotty mug with her initial on it.

Chalkhill Blue Enamel Ware Mug from Mini Moderns

Go a little different, with this Chalkhill Blue enamelware mug from Mini Moderns. Definitely going to keep the tea warm.


Catch of the Day Mug from Port & Lemon


I like this Catch of the Day mug from Port & Lemon, the design is really appealing but unfussy.



Olive Berries Small Mug from Repeat Repeat


Not every mug has to be an enormous bucket of tea. For something elegant, then try the Olive Berries Small Mug from Repeat Repeat.

The Boss. Because she is.

The Boss from Because she is. Simple as that.


Greasy spoon mug from Gillian Kyle


Dishing up a fried breakfast for mum? How about this Greasy Spoon mug by Gillian Kyle?



Peggy the Chicken Mug from Joules - perfect gift for a country loving, tea loving mum


If she is a country mum, or just fancies the country life, then about Peggy the chicken from Joules?



Home is where my mum is mug



Home is where my mum is. For some it always be the truth, so let her know it. To be fair, if you’ve never moved out then she might be very well aware of it!

Of course you could gift wrap the mug, but would be so much nicer to deliver it to bed, full of tea!


Mother’s Day is on its way


Great gifts for food lovers on Mother's Day


Just in case you’re not sure (and let’s face it, whoever is?) it’s 6 March this year. Just 3 weeks after Valentine’s Day, just in case you need to cover both.

So, what’s a great gift for food lover mum this year? Here’s a few ideas:


Breakfast treat for mum in a matchbox, ready for breakfast in bed


Starting with breakfast in bed, how about this very sweet looking little gift from Marvling Bros? Let mum open it then take it down to the kitchen and make her cinnamon toast and a good brew. At jsut £6 it’s a lovely gift for the kids to give that won’t break the bank and they’ll have fun making breakfast too.


Mum, well done! I'm awesome


Need a mug for the brew to go in? This is perfect for the child with a great sense of self worth, or general cheekiness to give to mum.


Personalised apron for a fabulous mum


Not that mum should be heading into the kitchen on Mother’s Day, but if she is a keen cook or baker maybe a great apron would be a good present. And this one can be personalised so you could create it with the children for something extra special.


Personalised chopping board for a fabulous mum


Maybe you could upgrade a very practical bit of kit for something a little more special, with something like this personalised chopping board. Useful and always going to make you smile whenever you use it

Blood Orange and Bergamot Candle from PaddyWax

For something with a food scent, but not food, then how about a Blood Orange and Bergamot Scented Candle from Paddywax? Delicious notes and a very pretty container as well.

Lots of lovely things to choose from, just avoid any pink tool kits or gardening tools.


Don’t try dunking these biscuits in your tea!


I saw these at the weekend and just thought they were great fun!


chocolate biscuits


I think they’re very clever, and cover many of my favourite biscuits, so a tick for that, and then they’re made of chocolate, so another tick for that.

Just about perfect, other than they would be a bit rubbish if dunked in your tea! Good choice perhaps for Mother’s Day (March 15 here in the UK), especially if you deliver them alongside a cup of tea in bed. Just remember to point out whilst realistic, any dunking is purely at their own risk!