Ten great mugs for tea in bed for Mum this weekend


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and breakfast in bed is a tradition in many homes. Well, breakfast in bed is bound to need tea in my book, so here are ten great mugs for delivering that first brew of the day in.

Mum is my hero mug from Emma Bridgewater

Simple styling, lovely sentiment from Emma Bridgewater, sure to bring a smile to any mum’s face.


Mama Bear Mug from Plewsey


Show her she’s the mama bear in your tribe with this lovely mug from Plewsy.


Spotty China Letter Mug



No one else can claim this lovely spotty mug with her initial on it.

Chalkhill Blue Enamel Ware Mug from Mini Moderns

Go a little different, with this Chalkhill Blue enamelware mug from Mini Moderns. Definitely going to keep the tea warm.


Catch of the Day Mug from Port & Lemon


I like this Catch of the Day mug from Port & Lemon, the design is really appealing but unfussy.



Olive Berries Small Mug from Repeat Repeat


Not every mug has to be an enormous bucket of tea. For something elegant, then try the Olive Berries Small Mug from Repeat Repeat.

The Boss. Because she is.

The Boss from Ban.do. Because she is. Simple as that.


Greasy spoon mug from Gillian Kyle


Dishing up a fried breakfast for mum? How about this Greasy Spoon mug by Gillian Kyle?



Peggy the Chicken Mug from Joules - perfect gift for a country loving, tea loving mum


If she is a country mum, or just fancies the country life, then about Peggy the chicken from Joules?



Home is where my mum is mug



Home is where my mum is. For some it always be the truth, so let her know it. To be fair, if you’ve never moved out then she might be very well aware of it!

Of course you could gift wrap the mug, but would be so much nicer to deliver it to bed, full of tea!


Mother’s Day is on its way


Great gifts for food lovers on Mother's Day


Just in case you’re not sure (and let’s face it, whoever is?) it’s 6 March this year. Just 3 weeks after Valentine’s Day, just in case you need to cover both.

So, what’s a great gift for food lover mum this year? Here’s a few ideas:


Breakfast treat for mum in a matchbox, ready for breakfast in bed


Starting with breakfast in bed, how about this very sweet looking little gift from Marvling Bros? Let mum open it then take it down to the kitchen and make her cinnamon toast and a good brew. At jsut £6 it’s a lovely gift for the kids to give that won’t break the bank and they’ll have fun making breakfast too.


Mum, well done! I'm awesome


Need a mug for the brew to go in? This is perfect for the child with a great sense of self worth, or general cheekiness to give to mum.


Personalised apron for a fabulous mum


Not that mum should be heading into the kitchen on Mother’s Day, but if she is a keen cook or baker maybe a great apron would be a good present. And this one can be personalised so you could create it with the children for something extra special.


Personalised chopping board for a fabulous mum


Maybe you could upgrade a very practical bit of kit for something a little more special, with something like this personalised chopping board. Useful and always going to make you smile whenever you use it

Blood Orange and Bergamot Candle from PaddyWax

For something with a food scent, but not food, then how about a Blood Orange and Bergamot Scented Candle from Paddywax? Delicious notes and a very pretty container as well.

Lots of lovely things to choose from, just avoid any pink tool kits or gardening tools.


A new apron for the mummy bears


No sooner is Valentine’s Day out the way than Mother’s Day looms. So just to give you a starter for ten, I love this Mummy Bear apron from Heather Alstead Design.


Mummy bear apron


I’m not sure how practical the white part is, but then I’ve got all white aprons that just go in the washing machine on a regular basis. I think it’s fun and cute, without being naff. Of course it doesn’t mean that mum has to do the cooking on Mother’s Day, but if she likes to cook and bake, then it’s a great gift. I don’t think you can ever have too many aprons!


Are you organised for Mother’s Day?


What dates are coming up? Food lover gifts at the ready


Mother’s Day is hurtling around (unless you’re using the US calendar, in which case you have a few months breathing space) and Sunday is your day to be even more lovely to the mums in your life than normal.

Now, if you haven’t got organised already then you can of course face the High Street over the next few days. Which is fine if you can face it, or if you are actually going to see Mum on the day. If not, then you might need some little helpers to still get her something on time. Here’s a few places still available to you:

* Not On the High Street – I’ve already written about my foodie gifts of choice from NOTHS, and the good news is that a number of options are still available by express delivery. Indeed, some will even let you go as late as Friday for ordering if you choose next day, should you not be either very organised or very decisive!

* Fortnum and Mason – should you be wanting to push the boat out and send Mum a Fortnum’s hamper, then the good news is that there is still time, if you order before midday on Thursday. Great choice for a more traditional kind of mum I would think.

Cheese knives from Oliver Bonas - great gifts for food lovers* Oliver Bonas – a favourite of mine for last minute gifts if I’m dashing through St Pancras, but also available still online with next day delivery if you order before 2pm. I love these cheese knives, and I hadn’t seen the Bobble water filter jugs before, which would be both practical and attractive. Always have an interesting selection of books as well, worth a look.

* Whisk Hampers – order before 2pm for next day delivery from a wide range of different hampers. The Perfect Paella Kit comes wtih Manzanilla Sherry, or there’s the Luxury Breakfast in Bed Tray. Some good choices, that are just a bit different.

*BritishFineFoods.com – get in quick for this one, as you only have till Tuesday, but some great choices here. I love the Cream Tea in a Box, or the Savoury Selection for something a bit different.

* TheDrinkShop.com – I love this as a source for something a bit different for the drinks cabinet, and with next day delivery you’ve still got time to find something. Different vodkas, different liquers, wine, you name it, if she’s ever hankered after an obscure drink, I bet you’ll find it here.

Of course, if you’re reading this at 6.45pm on Saturday then you might need some more help, so have a look at some previous ideas I’ve had on how to stay out of the doghouse without resorting to flowers from the garage and a quarter pound of Quality Street!


What I would pick for mums from Not On the High Street


It’s well documented on here that I love Not On the High Street, and am a regular visitor and shopper for all kinds of gifts. So here’s a few lovely ideas from them for Mother’s Day.


My Kitchen is for Dancing Tea Towel - great gift for a food lover who has fun in their kitchen


Not at all suggesting that Mum should be doing the washing up, but this is a great sentiment on a tea towel. Either makes a reasonably priced gift, or use it as green version of wrapping paper.


Kitchen Rules: She who cooks never cleans - perfect gift for a food lover with empty walls


Talking of great sentiments, I love this one! She who cooks never cleans is most definitely the rule in this house!


Personalised Cookie Stamps - great gift for a food lover with a thing for cookies


If mum is a great baker, then how about this “Homemade” cookie stamp? Just to make sure everyone appreciates the effort she’s gone to!


Cake of the month club - great gift for a food lover who loves their cake


Should she prefer someone else to do the baking, then sign her up to the Cake Slice Club. The delights of things such as double chocolate, lemon or bakewell can be arriving through the letterbox each month for three or six months.

Lots of great choices for every kind of mum, still time just about to get some of the personalised items, which are brilliant. Go on, spoil her!


Not on the High Street do Foodie Mums Proud


Need to get a shuffle on if you haven’t got a great gift sorted out for your mum yet for Mother’s Day. You probably know by now that Not On the High Street is one of my favourite sites, and is always a great standby for whatever kind of gift you need.

For food loving mums, try these, there’s still time!


Mum's Herb Garden Personalised Planter - great gift for a food lover

If she’s a mum who likes to grow her own or have fresh herbs to plant, then how about a personalised planter? I bought something similar for some friends when they got married, and it was beautiful, and practical. Delivery is 2 to 5 days, so you’ll have to be quick.


Ceramic breakfast essentials - great gift for a food lover

Liven up the breakfast table with these ceramics for your sugar, butter and milk. Well, it beats just putting the milk carton and bag of sugar on the table! There’s a number of colourways available, and a discount available for buying all three pieces together. Go on, she’s worth it!


Mugs for Mums - great gifts for food lovers

There are points in all mothers’ lives when the answer is strong coffee or tea. Or possibly a mug of gin. So give her a giggle whilst she’s having a restorative moment with one of these great mugs. My personal favourite is “Just two children stood between her and a lie-in”. How true that is, with any number of children! (UPDATE, sadly these are no longer available)


Biscuit Card from Biscuiteers


For a mum with a sweet tooth, then skip a normal card and send her a biscuit card! From those creative people at Biscuiteers, lovely to look at, and pretty tasty too!

There is loads on this site that I am sure any mum would love, so have a great browse round, bound to be something to suit any kind of mum!


Decent cuppa for mums this Mother’s Day


Just a quick post, as I heard from one of my fave tea companies yesterday about what they were up to for Mother’s Day.

Great gift for a tea loving mum from Bellevue Tea

So, news from Bellevue Tea, which I am very fond of, as my team will testify as they all got Bellevue gifts Christmas before last. They’re doing a lovely trio of teas, that I’m sure any tea loving mum would be thrilled to receive. Along with the Earl Grey that they’ve done for a while (which made me fall in love with Earl Grey all over again) there’s also two new teas. The white tea is light, silky sweet and subtle, and the peppermint infusion is a great end of day treat, being caffeine free and calming.

At only £6 this is an attractive gift but also austerity gift giving budget friendly! Postage and packing is £2.50 on top, so you might want to add to extra tea for yourself too.


What do you get a foodie mum?


I love being a mum, and I love my food. Which probably makes me easy to buy for on Mother’s Day. And it would mean it was easy with me to never fall into the trap of Olay and L’Oreal Mother’s Day advertising (trust me, she’s worth so much more, and no mum wants anti-wrinkle cream. Ever).

Here’s some ideas for gifts for the food and drink loving mum, to show her just how worth it she is!

* There’s got to be fizz, and make it interesting. TheDrinkShop has a great selection, in every shade and to suit every budget, and if you’re going to be super generous then check out Wine Hound. You have to buy a whole case, but could mix wine and champagne, and they have some from more unusual houses in Champagne. And even if mum doesn’t do alcohol, The Alcohol Free Shop offers some very good alternatives.


Fabulous chocolates from Rococo


* Of course chocolates are traditional, but they don’t have to be old-fashioned. I love the packaging and unusual flavour combinations from Rococo, like the dark chocolate and violet. I adore the fabulously vibrant packaging from Prestat, a long established house with anything but an old fashioned look and feel to it. Have a look at the Marc de Champagne Truffle Collection. Want to go swanky? Check out Melt, which I would say was perfect true foodie territory. How about salted feuillantines or olive caramel bon bons?

* Mum got a savoury tooth, not sweet? How about a cheese gift from Pong? There is a luxury gift box for her, which is the sort of thing I normally avoid, but this is a great collection. Mum can feast on St Eadburgha, Reblochon, organic Cotswold Blue Brie from Simon Weaver and Golden Cross. Add in some fabulous crackers and maybe even some good chutney, and that’s supper sorted out on Mother’s Day!

* For green fingered, grow your own mums, how about a fruit tree? Tree 2 My Door offer some great self-pollinating ones, from apples, to something more unusual like mulberry. Or maybe treat her to something to inspire her growing, like tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show.

So, break out a bit from the norm and make mum’s day!


Holding back the cookbooks


Holding back the books

I think it’s probably obvious by now that I have a bit of a thing for cookbooks. Which means they are everywhere around the house, whether they fit the space or not. So I could probably use some of these bookends, both for the practical aspects, but also for the great designs.

I really like the cook ones, and they are too good to be hidden (completely) by the books. They are made from stainless steel, so are going to hold up some fairly heavyweight tomes. For a cookbook loving mum, I would suggest this would make a great Mother’s Day present with a difference. For those who don’t need further food references then check out this slightly Hitchcock-esque version!

There don’t seem to be huge numbers of bookends around, so maybe most people do what I do, and just pile some up the other way! I quite like the idea of them as a gift: different, practical, unusual. Good criteria for a great gift in my book!


Being organised for less


Getting ready for Mother's Day


Just a quick note to say Buy A Gift have a weekend promotion of 20% off all gifts. This is a great site for gift experiences in particular, for foodies and non foodies. With 20% off it’s even better, and lets not forget Mother’s Day is not that far away (14 March, in case you don’t know).

If it’s for a foodie mum, then my best suggestions are:

* Full day curry cookery course for two – six hours of private tuition for two of you from Curry Club founder Pat Chapman, so you will really get a great insight into a wide range of Indian dishes. A real treat for a spice-loving mum, you get the tuition, lunch and a goody bag at the end of the day. After the discount, this will be £336, not cheap, but it is for two, and will bring you a lot of experience in a very personal environment.

* If she’s a creative kind of mum, then how about a day course in sugarwork, where she can give full rein to her artistic and creative flair in a foodie environment. There’ll be sugar cages, spirals and praline galore by the end of the day, all under the tutelage of chef Nigel Brown. The course is up in North Lincolnshire, and if you order it this weekend it will be £120.

* If she likes a drop of the fizzy stuff, then a day of champagne tasting should do the trick. She’ll get to taste 8 different champagnes, learn about how to distinguish between the houses, and matching champagne to food. Sounds like a good way to spend a day to me! After the discount, for two of you this will be £108.

* If mum doesn’t live near you and you’re not close enough to take her out for lunch or cook her lunch, then there are a whole heap of dining out options, from breakfast to afternoon tea to the chef’s table at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges. You could spend from £24 to just under £1000, there are some interesting options there.

So, if you want to not leave your gift choice for Mother’s Day to the last minute, and these take your fancy, then use code PANDA20 at checkout to qualify for the 20% off. Offer finishes midday on Monday, see site for details.

And if nothing else, as the photo says (kind of), call your mum! Fab photo by soot+chalk on Flickr.