Gifts for the make it yourself kind of food lover


Now, these can be a tricky kind of food lover to buy for, as they love to get into the nitty gritty of preparing food. They certainly aren’t going to love a pepper grinder. Here’s five ideas for gifts that might do the trick.


Helping out at Brays Cottage, producer of the best pork pie


Learn how to make pork pies from the best!

We love Bray’s Cottage pork pies in this house, and now Sarah is revealing the secrets to great pies and sausage rolls at the Macarons & More Cookery School. Great course, great people, fabulous location, so you could make a weekend of it. Classes fill up really quickly so check the site regularly for new dates.


Pro Q Ranger Elite Hot & Cold Smoker Starter Kit


Smoke it Yourself

Smoking your own food has been a bit of a thing recently, and it would certainly give them plenty of options on different things to produce. The Pro Q Hot & Cold Smoke Kit means they can do things like hot or cold smoked salmon, smoked cheese, possibly even smoked vodka. It’ll certainly keep them busy through till New Year.


Sixty year old sourdough starter from Hobbs House Bakery


Guarantee them great sourdough every time

Sourdough starter can be a tricky thing, but is essential for making your own sourdough bread. If they’re keen, then give them some vintage starter with the 60 year old starter from Hobbs House Bakery. Complete with instructions, this should guarantee you some fabulous bread over Christmas and beyond.


Chocolate making and tasting events at Paul A Young


Eat chocolate, make chocolate

I love Paul A Young’s approach to chocolate in all its forms. If you think they’d love some time trying some of his creations and then learning some of the secrets behind them then this could be for them. From a vertical chocolate tasting of bean through to bar, and then learning about tempering and ganache making, they’ll come away with not only a taste for the good stuff but new skills too.


Food DIY by Tim Hayward for the make it yourself food lover


The DIY manual for food techniques

This is the perfect book for MIY food lover, it covers how to make everything yourself from sausages to smoked salmon, bacon to buns, sloe gin to sourdough. So if you know they love to make, or the idea of it, but just aren’t sure where their interest lies, then this might well be a perfect gift as they decide what to tackle next.

Choose right, and you may not see much of them through the rest of the festive period as they get seriously into making mode.


Extend their knowledge with kits of every kind


I love learning new things, new skills, not just in food. But you can’t always afford a class, or have the time either, so the growth in make it yourself kits is great. We’ve come a long way from the home brew kits I remember as a kid, here’s some of the most interesting ones I’ve come across:


Make Your Own Bacon - perfect gift for bacon loving food lover


Make Your Own Bacon – I’m from the north. I love my bacon. This is my kind of kit. I also live in an area with some stunning farmshops around for great pork for the starting point.


Brewdog Punk Ipa Brew Your Own Kit


Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit – nothing like beer kits from the 1970s. I imagine the end result is a lot more tasty as well. Though some of the kit seems not to have moved on since my dad made his own.


Biltong Making Kit -for homesick South African food lovers, perfect gift


Biltong Making Kit – as MFL hails from South Africa, then maybe this is one for him, see how close he can come to the authentic stuff he remembers.


The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit


The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit – one day you’re reading the instructions for this kit and making your first batch, next you’re shooting the breeze with Alex James and swapping cheese tips. Well, you never know!


Home Gin Making Kit - is there a food lover this isn't a perfect gift for


Home Gin Making Kit – now, I know this can’t be as good as a night at 45 Gin School, but could well be the next best thing in my view.


Kilner Preserving Kit - perfect gift for a food lover who wants jam on it


Kilner Preserving Starter Kit -here’s a kit designed to last a lifetime, and a skill that should see you through too. From jam to pickles, it all starts in the same way.

So, all kinds of skills to learn, and a great gift to give a food lover, even just as a taster of the skill involved. Who knows where it will lead them?