When figs meet tea


I really like Mini Moderns, their design work is stunning and I really like their colour choices. I really love the Whitby design, I’m very tempted by the coffee pot.

Mini Moderns Whitby Enamelware Coffee Pot


But I also love the home fragrance collection they’ve put together and I particularly like the Darjeeling diffuser.


Mini Moderns Darjeeling Fragrance Diffuser


It’s partly to do with the colours, but mainly to do with the fragrance notes, which are tea, fresh green fig and spicy white pepper. Sounds perfect for a food lover, and works as well in the lounge as in the kitchen.

Of course those who read my blog regularly might have expected me to pick another of their fragrances. Yes, they have a Gin Fizz version too, which I could also be very tempted by.

Definitely a brand worth keeping an eye on if modern, clean line design is your thing.


Dreaming of a White Christmas


The White Compan Lifestyle


In my dreams, my life looks like the White Company catalogue. All that serene whiteness, well pressed linen that never creases and clean, cherubic children.

In reality my house looks more like the proverbial explosion in a paint shop, nothing matches (and not in an arty way), my linen looks creased the minute I put it on and I look rubbish in shades of taupe and beige, like I’m dead already. And I can never claim to have had a clean child. Only a happy one.

But I still look longingly at the catalogue, and still think it’s not a bad source for gifts for those who can pull off the pale life. Or at least would like just a little corner of the house where they can pretend! For the cooks and food lovers, then there are a few choices I’d make:


Winter Candle from The White Company - a great gift for a food lover who likes their fragrances spicy


I do love their candles, and the Winter fragrance is a great foodie scent. Combining cinnamon, clove and fresh orange, this is going to smell like Christmas baking, even when you aren’t busy in the kitchen.


Carafe from The White Company - perfect gift for a food lover who loves to entertain

A carafe is always useful, particularly for those of us definitely eschewing bottled water. Chilled tap water with a slice of lemon, served beautifully in something like this wins hands down for me.


Glass cake stand from The White Company - perfect gift for a food lover who likes a good cake


I love a good cake stand, and have a lovely glass one similar to this one which I use an awful lot. Works well for cakes and desserts, or fruit and cheese. A good investment piece.


Beautiful glass trifle bowl from The White Company - perfect gift for a food lover who likes their trifle


Ok, and I know this is not cheap at £45 but who doesn’t want to make trifle in this comport? Can imagine you could do all sorts with this, or just make a lot of trifle!


Beautiful champagne saucers from the White Company - great gift for a food lover who loves it elegant


I had a bit of an obsession with champagne saucers last year, and still loving them this year as well. These feel elegant and decadent, even if you only pour Sprite into them.

The good thing about The White Company is that with it all being so neutral you could give their stuff to anyone, even someone you didn’t know very well, as it would fit in anywhere. Definitely worth stopping by for a look.


Christmas Foodie Gifts for Tea Lovers


Great tea gifts from Bellevue Tea - perfect gift for food lovers who love tea


Tea. Best drink of the day. Well, certainly first drink of the day in my book, but gets equal pegging with coffee during the day. But if you’ve got a serious tea drinker on your hands, what could you give them that would upgrade their tea drinking experience? Here’s a few thoughts for you:

1. I love the story behind Bellevue Tea, which shows real passion for, and knowledge about tea. Not to mention a great eye for good design, as the packs of tea are very attractive, and I love the tea towel too. Five different teas will tempt them to get the kettle on whatever the time of day. Attention to detail is amazing, everything is focused on delivering the best flavour possible. At £15 I think this is a really good value gift for a very high quality product, and something quite unique and unusual as well.

2. Bring the scent of tea to wherever they are with a very unusual, but beautiful, candle from English Eccentrics, called Tea With the Queen. The smell of a vase of Devon violets blends with the scent of freshly brewed Darjeeling tea to give you something delicate and regal, with the tea taking away the sweetness of the violets. Great indulgent gift that is a little unusual.

3. You could buy them something unusual and expensive, not your everyday cuppa. Try something like the White Tea from Hampstead Tea, which is fairtrade. Full of antioxidants that are renowned for their anti-ageing properties they could end up younger looking by New Year. Now, that is a gift!

4. Mix the chocolate up a bit and try the Prestat Organic Milk Choc Wafers Infused with Earl Grey. Blimey, that must take up some room on the pack! Apparently these were amongst the late Queen Mother’s favourite chocolates, so obviously a woman of taste. As an alternative, try Sophie Conran’s truffle for Melt, which is an Earl Grey tea ganache with crystallised ginger and a sweet but tart cranberry.

5. I am sure that unless they are very new to tea drinking then they will already have their favourite mug or cup, and teapot. Every good teapot though deserves a really good tea cosy, and I would check out the amazing designs available through Not On the High Street. I like the quirky kitschiness of Poppy Treffry’s and also the Union Jack design from Deborah Sparks.

6. How about some time with a master tea blender? Red Letter Days offer a great experience for the tea lover with master tea blender Alex Probyn. Taking you through the history of tea, origins, styles and different tastes of tea, they’ll really get a more in depth view of what goes into a cuppa. They’ll get to taste up to 24 different teas, and master the art of slurping and spitting. This they can leave behind in the classroom, but they will get to create their own tea blend, which I think you can safely allow them to bring home! The experience is available for 1, you could go as a couple, or even as a group. After all, nice to have a cup of tea with friends!

So, have a sit down, a nice cup of tea, and work out if there is a tea gift that’s right for the tea loving foodie in your life!