Homemade dumplings on the menu


I was already planning to have a go at making gyoza at home, having bought some gyoza wrappers at the Asian supermarket. And that was before I met Ross Patten at the Spring Fair and saw him demonstrate the Dumpling Cube. Now I’m sold.


Dumpling Cube


I’d seen the Rice Cube, thought it was a really interesting idea, but not being big on sushi it hadn’t really connected with me. But dumplings? Now we’re talking! I loved this, it’s simple, it’s fun, it would be great to do with kids, and it’s dead quick. It’s also neat, and wouldn’t take up a whole lot of room, which is always a bit of a concern with specialist bits of kit.

If you like Asian food, then this might be a useful bit of kit to have around, to speed up something which can otherwise take some practice and skill.


Food reflections on Hong Kong


If you follow me on Twitter, you may know I’ve been out in Hong Kong recently for work, but I did manage to squeeze in some eating, and some food orientated shopping. Here’s a just a few thing that were either good to eat, or caught my eye!


Automatic pancake maker in Hong Kong. I almost want one.


My favourite bit of hotel breakfast automated kit: push the button and out pops an American style pancake 60 seconds later. Is this what you want to put on it though:


Mabel syrup anyone?


Are there enough scrubbing brushes in your kitchen? Well, I found three more you might need.


Scrubbing brushes for every chore in your kitchen


My team always worry I might bring them back something “edible”. Lucky for them, I passed on the packets of dried octopus.


Dried Octopus to snack on anyone?


Though if you wanted a cheap lunch, look at this sushi: four California rolls for under £3 and salmon sashimi for £4.


Sushi time, Hong Kong style

But for a hot lunch, then this was my choice: pork and ginger gyoza, fried rice and a drink for £5. Freshly prepared and cooked in front of me, in a matter of minutes, at the food court at City Super, one of my fave places for a quick meal.


Pork Gyoza at City Super


I love Hong Kong, and any time there is a real pleasure. Even in 98% humidity.