What gorgeous muffins you have


Red Riding Hood Collection from Fairy Tale Gourmet - great gift for a food lover with a sweet tooth


I’ve written before about how much I love Fairy Tale Gourmet, for their really inventive approach to chocolate and sweet things. Such great things, really imaginative and great tasting.


Salted Caramel Muffins from Red Riding Hood Collection from Fairy Tale Gourmet


These are their latest offerings, their Red Riding Hood collection, which is all about muffins. And what fabulous flavours there are. My favourite would be the Salted Caramel, no surprise to those who know me.

If it’s not your kind of flavour, then there’s also white chocolate and lemon, red velvet (of course) or double chocolate amongst others. There are different gift presentations, so something for everyone and every budget.


When chocolate gets fantastical


The Fairest Hamper


This is just something a bit fun, but still incredibly tasty, for a chocolate lover for sure, but perhaps one with a love of things fantastical and a little gothic.

Fairy Tale Gourmet are incredibly inventive and I don’t know anyone else doing anything like this. The Fairest Chocolate Hamper is, unsurprisingly from their Snow White collection, and is certainly going to be nothing like they’ve had before I’m sure.

I mean, who doesn’t want to try the Princess Snow Apple? Or Prince Charming’s nuts?

This is serious chocolate, in that it’s good stuff, but it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. Which is a very good way to be!


What chocolate are you hoping for this Easter?


I love Easter. I mean, what’s not to love, especially when it’s this late in the Spring? I’m hoping for lovely weather and my cherry tree to be in full bloom.

And for there to be chocolate. Good chocolate. Any of these really…


The Ultimate Egg from Fortnum & Mason - a fabulous Easter gift for a food lover


If you’re going to go big, then this has to be the one, the Ultimate Egg from Fortnum & Mason. It’s a bit of a cheat, as it’s actually five eggs. Five chocolate eggs. If you’re not sure what kind of chocolate you like best (or like them all) then this could be for you as each egg is a different type, from white through to dark. Sounds like bliss to me!


Stroppy Teenager Egg from Rococo


I love Rococo anyway, they can do no wrong in my eyes. But I really love this Stroppy Teenager Egg. There’s no pink, no cute bunnies, no bows, just great chocolate plus praline and also salted caramel ganache eggs. It’s almost too good to be wasted on stroppy teenagers!


Rococo Almost Like the Real Thing - real eggs filled with praline


And I’m sorry for featuring two things from Rococo (told you I loved them), but who could resist something that’s like the real thing but better? I just want to fill my fridge with boxes of these real eggs filled with praline. Though imagine bit hard to whip up a Victoria sponge with!


Montezuma Super Thick Half Dark Half Milk Egg


Can’t decide what sort of chocolate you like best? I’d go for the Super Thick Half Dark and Half Milk Truffle Egg. With truffles. Wow, Montezuma’s still know how to spoil us!


Moo Free Dairy Free Hunnycomb Easter Egg


Need a chocolate egg but need it to be tasty but free from? Well, it looks like Moo Free might be for you. I love the Bunnycomb Egg, ticks the boxes for taste and is gluten free, dairy free and vegan, so everyone can be happy.


Humpty Dumpty from the Fairy Tale Gourmet


For something lovely and a little different then I love the Humpty Dumpty from Fairy Tale Gourmet. How gorgeous are these? And that’s just the good looks, wait till you see the flavour choices! I want the Earl of Peanuttle, but any of them would be welcome. I think these are a bit different, as the shells are filled which you don’t see very often. I fancy a whole wall of these!

Go on, get the choccies in! With so much choice there is no excuse for dull Easter egg selection.