Great gifts for the gadget gurus and geeks


Gadgets galore for the kitchen gadget geek


Christmas is a great time to indulge the gadget loving food lover and cook with a new gadget or two. They don’t have to be big gadgets, they can even be just fun gadgets or unusual ones, maybe just things they wouldn’t get for themselves. Here’s a few choice ones, for every kind of gadget lover and budget.


Joseph Joseph Nest Steamer


Steaming is by no means a new thing, and they may have everything from an electric steamer to a traditional Chinese bamboo version. This neat little set from Joseph Joseph is fun and functional, and certainly would keep them guessing if you just wrapped each section up separately.


Peugeot Annecy Cheese Mill


Take their grating up a gear, and give them something to show off, with the Peugeot Annecy grinder that works on hard cheese, chocolate and nuts, with different grating plates for each. Sleek design but effectiveat the job it’s designed to do, this looks like a serious piece of kit for some of those jobs that just get a bit tedious with poor equipment.


ProQ Cold Smoke Generator


If they are the adventurous sort of cook, then maybe consider the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, as they can have all sorts of fun with this, smoking everything from salmon to your own bacon, even cheese. They don’t need anything fancy to smoke things in, I love that it says you can set this to work in an old filing cabinet. There is a separate smoking cabinet you can buy, but maybe just start off with the basics.


Perfect Portions Digital Scale


Take their weights and measures up a level, particularly if they are keen on the nutritional value of their cooking, then how about the Perfect Portions Digital Scale? This is really clever and probably where the future might lie for us. Though might just keep an old skool set with weights for if the batteries run out!


Eddingtons Pro Sharp 5 in 1 Scissors


I think these 5 in 1 Pro Sharp Scissors from Eddingtons are like a Swiss army knife of scissors for the kitchen. In this one piece you get not only great scissors but also a bottle opener, nut cracker, wire stripper and garlic crusher. So as long as you don’t lose them, then you can save a whole lot of space by ditching 4 other gadgets for this one. Which means you’ve got some space for some more.


ETI Combo Infrared Probe Thermometer


If they are seriously into their cooking and baking, then accuracy is bound to play a big part in the recipes they turn out. Which probably means they need a really good digital thermometer, and whilst not sexy in styling, this combination infra-red and probe digital thermometer from ETI is great for doing the job really well. It’s really geared up to pro kitchens, but is not so inaccessible from a price perspective that it couldn’t find it’s way into any of our kitchens.

There are so many electrical type gadgets that you could get (I’m thinking doughnut maker or candyfloss maker) that might be fun once, but will end up gathering dust, probably. So I would think about the things they love to cook the most and then see what’s new in that area. Or ask me, I love a challenge!