Get out and celebrate your local butcher today


The meat counter at Dickies, my local butcher


Today marks the end of National Butchers Week and, given that it’s Sunday, then perhaps it’s time to visit your local butcher and get the Sunday roast in.

If you’re lucky enough to have a butcher then they are something to treasure and make the most of. My best choice of local butchers is Dickies at Plungar, which has been a great addition to the local area.

Like any great butchers, Rich knows where the meat came from, how it lived, and how it died. Beef is well aged, and about as far away from supermarket beef as you can get. I love that he has the more unusual cuts, so things like picanha steaks, onglet and skirt.


Picanha steak from Dickies


If you don’t know how to cook it, then ask and he’ll give you a good idea. If you don’t know what something is, then ask. If you know what you want to cook then Rich will let you know what he recommends. And if you only want to spend so much, then he’ll let you know what’s best value for your money.

That to me makes the perfect butchers. The fact that they serve great bacon and sausage rolls, make a very decent cup of coffee and have great bread and pastries from Hambleton Bakery.

If you have a butchers, then please do what you can to support them. They are treasures that you need to make the most of, not just this week, but in every week. I’m a great believer in eating less meat, but better quality, with great provenance, and your butcher will hopefully provide you with that.

I forgot, the other thing Rich also provides is a great line in chat. Don’t go in if you want to not interact with a human. Go to the supermarket for that. Stay and chat a while, you’ll be amazed what you might learn.