The Friday Five – Back to school and learning new cooking skills


Back to school time: what new cooking skill will you learn?


It’s that time of year, pretty much every school is now back, and you might even be considering night school. If you’re not up for evening classes, but want to learn a new school then here are five books for learning new cooking, brewing and possibly eating and drinking skills.


Learn to cook wheat, gluten and dairy free


Learn to Cook Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free by Antoinette Savill

If free from is about to be a thing for you, through need or want, then a good cookbook is probably a great start, as there will be some some new things to know when you start cooking without things you might have been cooking with all your life to date. This gives you 100 recipes step by step, and includes my favourite thing in a cookbook: a photo of every finished dish.




Bakeclass: Learn to bake brilliantly step by step by Anneka Manning

Bake Off is back, so baking is high on the conversation agenda, and everyone wondering how to bake half the stuff on there. For a more down to earth starting point, then I like this book from Anneka Manning. I like that this gives you the building blocks of the ten most common mixing methods, as that gives you the knowledge and skill to take your baking in any direction. Even to the Bake Off tent.


Brew Better Beer


Brew Better Beer by Emma Christensen

Home brewing is definitely back, and I love that this book is about learning the rules, and how to break them for a huge variety of beer styles. A bit like Bakeclass, this would be a great leaping off point once you’ve got some good basic knowledge. You’ll probably have something ready in time for Christmas if you start now.


How to Smoke Meat


How to Smoke Meat by Martha Stephenson

You might be thinking end of the summer, BBQ’s back in the garage and the smoky flavours are over. Well, this book might help you think differently. I think it would be a pretty impressive thing to serve up to friends a platter of smoked meats that you’ve made yourself. It would also give you something else to do with the turkey leftovers at Christmas!


Learn to Spice Up Your Food


Learn to Spice Up Your Food by Gordon Rock

This is not about spicy food, but certainly food with flavours, and lots of them. It’s one of those things I often think about when watching Bake Off, as there’s normally one person at least who really pushes the flavour combinations. With knowledge to share, and recipes to work through, then it’s a practical guide that you’ll want to get stuck into.


So, if you could learn a new cooking skill, what would it be? Or what have you learned recently? I’d love to know.