Why I like Norfolk more than Devon


You may have gathered from the radio silence that I’ve been away, with the family decamping to Norfolk for a week by the sea. We used to go to Devon, but I’ve got to like Norfolk better and these are some of my reasons:


Does it get better than fish and chips on the beach in the sunshine?


1. By the time we would have got to Devon, I was already having fish and chips on the beach. With a chilled glass of wine. Perfect!


MGG helping people get their hands on the very best pork pies ever: Brays Cottage every time for us


2. I’m no longer that bothered about a pasty, Cornish or otherwise. But I am very fond of a Bray’s Cottage pork pie. So does MGG, and helping out for a short time on Sarah’s stand at the Honey Fair was one of her holiday highlights.


Cookies: for incredibly fresh seafood, and great views to eat it by


3. I like the slight eccentricity of Norfolk, and I love that places like Cookies exist. Grab a decent bottle of wine on your way across, then hope to grab a table for some of the freshest seafood around. Might be inside, might be in a shed, in a gazebo, or outside. Luck of the draw! Reminds me Alf Rescos, which got a little too busy. And I kept getting stalked by Kevin McCloud.


The Beach Cafe at Wells Next the Sea


4. Even though the Norfolk coast road is hardly fast, it seemed better than the coast road out to Slapton or Blackpool Sands. And finding the Beach Cafe at the beach in Wells happily replaced the Rocket Cafe. Not to mention that the kite flying was pretty good after a bacon sandwich.

5. Whilst Dartmouth has a huge number of restaurants, Sheringham is a much smaller place, and yet we could have chosen from Nepalese, Thai or Austrian. Full marks for variety!

6. Even with the influx of Boden wearing Londoners to the county, it still seems substantially cheaper than Devon.

7. One final thing it most definitely has in it’s favour: my ex-father-in-law lives in Devon. And Norfolk is even further away than here. Which definitely gives it top marks in my book.


So much left to explore, so much great food. So hoping to get back there soon.