Belatedly marking a 90th birthday


Let's celebrate


I had really not got into the whole 90th birthday thing for the Queen, so a very quick round up of some things you might like to mark the occasion with. Bear in mind, my approach to these things has always been slightly tongue in cheek!


Cath Kidston 90th Birthday Mug for the Queen


I’m not very into Cath Kidston, as it’s all a bit too country for me, given I live in the country. But I quite like her style for these 90th birthday mugs. They’ll go through a stage in about 5 years of being a bit naff, and then in 20 years time they’ll be really cool again. Invest for the long term.


Emma Bridgwater Tea Towel for the Queen's 90th birthday


I love a good tea towel, and this one from Emma Bridgewater is more classic in style. Always useful, and definitely decorative, and not going to take up a whole heap of space.


Earl Grey Tea Tin for the Queen's 90th Birthday


You might need something to go in that mug, so this Earl Grey tea from Millie Green might do the trick, and then you have a lovely tin to keep. Tins are always useful around the kitchen so a multi purpose purchase.


90th birthday cake topper


Making cake to celebrate? How about a majestic cake topper? I think this is very cute and for any matriarchs in your family then this might be a lovely thing.

So, I hope the Queen had a lovely birthday, it’s certainly a grand age for any one in a family to reach and I hope they spoilt her like you would anyone reaching that age.


A boy named George


Apparently whilst I was away there was a bit of news about a baby…oh, ok, even the French media let us know about the arrival of baby George.

I am sure there will be all kinds of commemorative tat but there are two bits that I would consider giving house space to. Firstly, and probably not much surprise, I love the tea towel from To Dry For. Can always rely on them to produce something commemorative not schmaltzy. It’s on pre-order for 22 August, and a limited edition, so get on with it if you like it.

Corgi Royal Baby

Emma Bridgewater has a lovely mug, which you can either treat as commemorative, or if you know someone called George give it as a gift to them. Maybe if they’re a chancellor who might be changing jobs sooner than he might expect perhaps.


Hooray for George


I’m sure there will be more but whether there will be more interesting ones I don’t know.