We’d eat all the pies!


Pie school


It’s British Pie Week, and they are certainly popular in our house, with chicken pie always having ranked as one of MGG’s favourite dinners. If we had to choose, then these would definitely be our favourite pies:

Bray’s Cottage – given our proximity to Melton Mowbray, then it’s always felt slightly wrong to love a non Melton Mowbray pork pie more than a local one, but we do. Let’s face it, we love them so much, MGG even did a 40 minute work experience on the stall with Sarah on our last visit to Norfolk. I bemoan the fact that there are no local stockists, and more that I am not organised enough to order them by post. In spite of many imitators, the onion marmalade one is still my favourite.

Hartland Pies – our second favourite pork pies, and definitely more local and easier to get hold of. The pork and stilton sums up two great local flavours, and also fond of the slightly more exotic for Melton pulled pork version too. Available in London and further afield from here too.

Pieminister – having long standing connections to Bristol, then we adopted these pies fairly early on, and am happy to find them all over the place now. To combine the two localities, then it would have to be a Moo and Blue pie for us, which is steak and Long Clawson Stilton. Although we’d prefer Colston Basset Stilton in this house.

Great North Pie Co. – I’m from the north, and pie does seem a very northern thing. And I love the Great North Pie Co for really taking the pies to the next level. Big winners at the British Pie Awards last year, and I’ve no doubt will be this year too if they continue to turn out things like Ox Cheek, Stout, Pearl Barley and Redcurrant. If you’re in the North West, find one of the markets they’re at and stock up!

I’m with MGG in that this is great comfort food, perfect for cold days, and therefore this week feels like the perfect time to indulge. Although we’re off to Australia soon, and apparently they like a pie or two, so we may have to test the southern hemisphere versions too.

Photo by Donna Sutton on Flickr. Sounds like my kind of school!


The Friday Five – It’s All About the Pies


Next week is apparently British Pie Week, and it’s definitely something we are brilliant at here in the UK. Certainly it’s a very popular dish in this household, with chicken pie being up there in MGG’s top 3 dinners. I am not suggesting that you need 5 books just about pies, but one might not go amiss on your shelves, to move you beyond the usual suspects. Here’s 5 that might do that:




Pie by Angela Boggiano – does what it says on the tin! This covers everything from the basics to the real homemade favourites through to sweet pies and suitable extras. I really like the photography in this, and the recipes are pretty tasty sounding too.


Perfect Pies


The Hairy Bikers’ Perfect Pies – this is on the bookshelf here, and I really should cook from this. Before they got onto dieting then Dave and Si were big on pies, and this has some different things like plate pies (which reminds me of my grandma), potato topped pies and even party pies. I’m betting there’s a retro gala pie in there somewhere!


Pie Society


Pie Society by Tom Bridge – the subtitle on this is traditional savoury pies, pasties and puddings from around the British Isles. I guess that means no matter where you spent your childhood you might find a local pie that brings back some memories. This also covers the history of pies, just in case you needed to know.


The Lost Art of Pie Making


The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy – this is a bit of a cheat, as this is an American book and focuses on their pie traditions, but we all need a little variety. There are fruit pies, custard pies, nut pies and even Pennsylvania Dutch pies. I’d find this fascinating, and could definitely make room for this.


Pie Pops


Pie Pops – I’m not sure how I feel about this as the whole cake pops thing has passed me by and I’ve never made one. Of course a pie pop surely has a grand tradition started by Mr Kipling. And then there’s always the mini pork pie. If you want a move on from cake pops, then this may be just the thing.

Given that the weather is still very wintry, then making a pie or two has to be a great thing to do, and to eat. I can see a few being consumed here next week. What would you choose? I’m thinking of going a bit retro and making corned beef pie.