How to beat the back to work blues


Here we are, for a great many this is the Sunday ahead of the Monday of going back to work. Which tends to feel a bit like this:


How to beat the back to work blues in 5 easy steps


Here’s a few ideas, sort of based around food, that might just help. A little.


Make Bircher muesli tonight for a better morning tomorrow

  1. Make a good breakfast ready to go the next morning the night before. I love Bircher muesli or any other version of overnight oats.


Roasted Parsnip & Carrot Soup - perfect for leftovers

2. On a similar theme, get your own lunch ready for tomorrow, unless you have a spectacularly good canteen at work. I’m thinking of a homemade soup with the leftover carrots and parsnips from Christmas. I like this recipe from Real Simple.


Treat yourself well with a dinner out


3. Let someone else cook dinner. Go on, it’s Monday, you’ve done a day at work, and there’ll be lots of offers around. You don’t have to go mad, but it’ll just feel really good to not cook or wash up tomorrow night.

4. Plan a trip. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a day trip or a full blown holiday, just having something to look forward to is a great feeling. There was a good guide in the Guardian of the places to visit in 2016, including Nottingham, Dublin and Penzance, for places that won’t necessarily break the bank. Do some research and make a table reservation or two as well.


Shopping lists at the ready


5. Plan some good meals for the rest of the week, and organise your shopping to be delivered on Tuesday evening so you’re ready to go. You’ll be too busy being out at dinner on Monday night.

Personally, I’m delaying the inevitable and not going back till Tuesday. If you need me, I’m taking a day of R&R at Champneys Springs and cannot wait.


Bircher muesli photo by Alpha and shopping list by Ex Smith on Flickr.